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Group Exercise Classes

Discover over 190 group exercises classes every week.

Group exercise classes provide a stimulating and social environment in which to improve your wellbeing. There are many benefits to exercising in a group; it's inspiring and motivating to be surrounded by like-minded people. Group exercise classes are a great way of adding variety to your workout routine and the wide range of movements help to challenge your body. Our friendly instructors will make sure every exercise you perform is carried out in the correct way and help you to make the most out of your workout.

We offer a wide range of classes with over 190 group exercise classes a week, categorised into High Energy, Strength & Conditioning, Mind & Body, and Dance. Our classes take place in bright air-conditioned studios to maximise comfort and enjoyment and feature sports flooring to minimise injury.

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Aspria Hanover Yoga Outside 2


Feel empowered and alive through yoga. Experience this holistic workout for the body, mind and soul. These exercises lead to inner peace, strengthened muscles and increased body awareness. We offer Hatha, Vinyasa, Power Yoga and Kundalini, as well as relaxing forms of exercise. Enjoy the seamless connection of posture, breathing, relaxation and meditation.

back course


This training is based on the interaction of the muscles to compensate for imbalances, to improve posture and increase awareness of your own body. The actual exercises - strengthening abdominal muscles, lower back and muscle tissue in the pelvic region - are connected to different breathing and relaxation techniques.

Aspria Hanover Function Workout 46

Indoor Cycling

Extremely motivating and effective. Specially designed strength endurance training, allowing leg and gluteal muscles to tone and achieve a particularly high calorie consumption. Motivating music is played during the class to support and stimulate your exercise.

Swimming Pool

Aqua Fitness

The unique atmosphere of our magnificent swimming pool right on the Ku'damm makes every Aqua Fitness class an experience. This class is particularly easy on the joints, relieves the spine and also strengthens muscles and the entire cardiovascular system. The buoyancy of the water means that each exercise is cushioned and has a relaxing effect, making it an ideal fitness class for older people and pregnant women. Aqua Fitness is incidentally also used in rehabilitation therapy after accidents or operations and is ideal for reducing stress. The gentle movements in the water are good for body, mind and soul; an integral part of the holistic health and wellbeing experience at Aspria.

Aspria Kudamn Spa Wellness Swimming Pools


Enjoy an invigorating swim in our large 25-metre pool, right on the Ku’damm. Or simply relax and unwind in our magnificent pool. Our expert trainers will help you to develop your swimming technique and improve your swimming style.

Aspria Berlin Tribal Fit 1


Unique in Berlin to Aspria; experience a workout like no other, thanks to TribalFit! This innovative workout combines elements of Crossfit and high-intensity training which are supplemented with weight exercises and performed using equipment such as barbells, skipping ropes, kettlebells, rings and horizontal bars. From beginners to experts, our skilled coaches will help challenge you and develop your fitness levels.

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