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Swimming Pool

Leave your everyday cares behind and enjoy a relaxing swim in our magnificent pool, located just minutes away from Kurfürstendamm. Our large 25-metre pool with is heated to an optimal water temperature and you can benefit from listening to ambient background music, to make your swim even more enjoyable. Whether you prefer an energetic swim or a relaxing dip, our fantastic swimming pool has something for everyone.

Tribalfit Aspria


Unique in Berlin: TribalFit offers coaching of the highest quality, and they’ll ensure that you push yourself to your full physical potential to achieve your personal and athletic goals.
Experience a challenging workout that combines elements of gymnastics, sprinting, weightlifting along with strengthening weight exercises. With tools such as barbells, skipping ropes, kettle bells, rings and horizontal bars, we will push you to your limits and beyond. With ambition and perseverance you will discover the benefits of this dynamic and high intensity cardiovascular training.

This is not like other workouts; here there are no mirrors or televisions to distract you. Instead, our coaches inspire you to race, pull, push, row and climb, helping you to achieve ultimate health and wellbeing.

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Core & Stretch

The Core & Stretch zone provides ample space and mats to perform a range of stretching and core exercises. Stretching will help you to increase your range of motion and general relaxation. By strengthening your core, you will benefit from increased flexibility, improved posture, minimise your risk of injuries, and reduced back pain.

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Power Plate & Miha Bodytec

Power Plates generate multidimensional, mechanical vibrations. By exercising on an unstable surface your muscles have to work much harder to maintain stability, therefore, Power Plates are extremely effective. A 25 minute session can have the same impact as an hour and a half of weightlifting. They have many benefits, including improving your core muscles, reducing cellulite, increasing flexibility and blood circulation. Miha Bodytec is electrical muscle stimulation training and uses the principle of muscle cells responding to electrical stimuli to create an effective full-body workout. Special electrodes contract almost the entire skeletal muscle, helping to target deep stabilising muscles, which are difficult to reach using conventional training methods. This in turn results in an increase in strength, endurance and muscle definition and a reduction in cellulite, weight and back pain.

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Power Zone

Training with free weights increases muscle tone, strength and conditioning by using natural movements under resistance. The Aspria Power Zone features a wide selection of Technogym equipment featuring the "Pure Strength" plate loaded range, which provides the feeling of free weights. This optimises the performance of each exercise through the ergonomic and biomechanical design of the equipment, but with none of the potential dangers of using free weights. You will benefit from enhanced sports performance, and injury prevention and rehabilitation.

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Cardio training is especially important for general wellbeing, and our cardio area has no less than 10 different types of equipment, carefully selected from 5 key leading brands. Designed using the lastest technology, most of our equipment can monitor your heart rates and track your rate of activity and also features internet and TV access, to make working out even more enjoyable. Through this training you will improve cardiovascular fitness and endurance, and also increase your metabolism, particularly desirable if weight loss is a personal goal of yours. It's also an extremely effective form of exercise for those with diabetes. Cardiovascular exercise actively reduces cholesterol and blood pressure and improves your heart's overall health. Together these effects will ensure a better night's sleep and relaxation, helping you to restore more energy for your next challenging day.

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