Aspria for families

We take care of the most important people in the world: yours.

Family time

The family is at the heart of Aspria. We know that the time you spend together creates memories, and we offer our members an incomparable standard of service, whatever their age.

Our crèche

Aspria Brussels Arts-Loi provides a top of the range crèche at the club for babies from the age of 3 months. Our qualified crèche staff will take care of everything while you’re visiting the club, so that you can concentrate on your health and your fitness Programmes.

Expectant mums & ...

The health and fitness experts at Aspria Brussels Arts-Loi have developed classes for pregnant women and new mums, aimed at promoting their wellbeing and balance during and after pregnancy.

Numerous studies have shown that practising cardio-vascular exercise and resistance training can be beneficial for pregnant women and their babies.  We support you in your health and wellbeing regime, and we focus on reducing some of the risks of pregnancy such as weight gain and the build up of fat deposits, back problems, pelvic pain and possible illness, by stimulating your immune system.

Our Fit Bumps class offers alternative exercises for flexibility and tone, with the goal of maintaining expectant mums’ muscle vitality and figure.

The Antenatal Yoga class provides relaxation, stretching and gentle toning specially adapted for expectant mums.  By strengthening the pelvic floor and teaching breathing and relaxation techniques, it will also help you prepare for the birth, both physically and mentally

... new mums

We also offer programmes to help you get back in shape after the birth, created and supervised by experts in postnatal physical activity.

Our Fit Mums programme for new mums starts in the 6th week after the birth, and helps to strengthen your body and get you back into physical exercise gently.  You’ll also have the opportunity to meet other new mums and even to involve your baby in the class.

And if you prefer to take some time out just for yourself, Aspria’s nursery staff will be very happy to take care of your baby in the crèche!

The Fit Bumps, Antenatal Yoga and Fit Mums classes are open to non-members on an exceptional basis, for the price of 175€ for 5 sessions.

Come and get back in shape with other new mums; your babies will most definitely be welcome.

Our children’s activities

We offer sports activities for your children from the age of 3 years. Whether you choose psychomotricity, martial arts or swimming, the experts at Aspria will adapt the activity to suit the specific needs of each age group.

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