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Family time

Family is at the heart of Aspria because we are parents too. Discover our harmonised family health and fitness programmes, creating time for you and joy for your children.

Creche Facilities

Aspria Brussels Arts-Loi provides first class crèche facilities for babies as from 3 months old. We have highly qualified childcare experts on hand to take excellent care of your children while you enjoy the club, allowing you to concentrate on your health and fitness.

New Mothers

For expectant mothers, Aspria Brussels Arts-Loi is by your side for the special occasion.

Numerous research projects have shown that cardio-vascular exercise and resistance training can have significant benefits for the pregnant woman and her baby. We help you with your health fitness regime and focus on reducing some of the risks of pregnancy, such as putting on weight and storing fat in the body during pregnancy, back problems and pelvic pain, and illnesses, by boosting the immune system.

Not forgetting to support you after your birth, we offer programmes created and supervised by experts in postnatal exercise. The Fit Bumps and Fit Mums classes are designed to promote wellbeing and equilibrium in mothers during pregnancy and after the birth.

The Fit Bumps class features alternating exercises for flexibility and toning aiming to maintain muscular vitality and the figure.

The Fit Mums class targets specific muscles that have a tendency to become slack and weak in young mothers. Fit Bumps and Fit Mums classes are exclusively accessible to non members at €150 for 5 sessions

Enjoy getting back in shape with other new mums and your babies are welcome too.

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