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This summer, Aspria Arts-Loi is embarking on an Evolution that will take it into a whole new era of wellbeing.

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Starting this summer, Aspria Arts-Loi will enter a phase of reinvention and re-imagination. This is no normal refurbishment project. What’s happening in 2018 is a total transformation of the club, all designed to enhance your experience every single time you visit us.

At the heart of our Evolution is the creation of innovative new workout spaces, kitted out with the very latest equipment, that will combine to offer you a training experience like no other.

But there has been already a first change: the restaurant has been upgraded to become an Aspresso, and has been relocated to make way for the new workout spaces: a TribalFit functional training zone and a futuristic new cycling studio.

These are the details:


Our new restaurant, Aspresso offers an elegant and quick service arrangement, proposing fresh, healthy food and drinks to enjoy after your training or massage at our Institut.

CYCLING STUDIO (Opening October 2018)

Our new cycling studio will be the largest in central Brussels, with 40 state-of-the-art Technogym bikes as well as a giant screen and spectacular sound and lighting. This immersive environment won’t just deliver a great workout. It will also offer an incredible experience that promises to get even the least enthusiastic cyclists among you hooked!

TRIBALFIT ZONE (Opening October 2018)

The existing gym at Aspria Arts-Loi will remain, but will be extended to include a new functional training area – the TribalFit zone – where you’ll be able to take part in specially-created programmes, as well as independent training. There will even be a continuous circuit taking place at peak times, where you can drop in and out whenever suits you. Convenient and effective, this will be a great addition to the gym floor!

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