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Everyone is unique, so our wellbeing programmes are tailor made to suit your personal needs.

Personal Programmes

Your wellbeing journey begins with your personalised programme

As part of your membership at Aspria when you first join our club, you'll meet with our team of experts for an initial consultation. At Aspria we know that wellbeing shouldn't just focus on your physical state; it's also about your mental and spiritual state too. That's why our team will not only assess your current exercise regime, but they'll also look at all areas of your health, including your sleep habits, stress levels, nutrition and how much time you currently spend relaxing.

Following an indepth analysis of your assessment, they'll create a bespoke, personalised programme just for you. The plan will advise you as to how often you should use the club, which equipment you should use, recommended classes for you, what to eat etc, helping you to achieve optimal wellbeing in all areas of your life and make the most of your Aspria membership.

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