Aspria Baby (0-2 years old)

Discover our new Aspria Academy Programme for babies aged 0-2 years old

Aspria Baby (0-2 years old)

Developing essential motor skills

Aspria Academy’s youngest members are encouraged through play and activities to explore and engage with their environment; using their senses and experiences to develop their motor skills. We understand the importance of routine for younger children and provide a secure environment, which supports them to develop their independence and self-confidence. Right from day one, we provide your child with the foundations to build and develop a healthy lifestyle.

At this stage the focus is on combining fun and learning, and we help little ones to explore the world around them through a series of exciting games and activities. We know how vital these first years are for developing social skills, which is why our classes focus on group interaction, helping teach them how to communicate and play with each other. Our swimming classes introduce babies to swimming in a safe environment, helping babies familiarise themselves with the water through fun games. Our wide range of classes aim to develop each area of your child's development by making sure there is lots for them to engage and interact with as well as visually stimulate them.

Aspria Academy Programme for Children

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