Aspria Junior +
(Primary years 4-6)

Discover our new Aspria Academy Programme for children in Primary years 4-6

Aspria Junior + (Primary years 4-6)

Driving physical aptitude and teamwork

At this age, children have a greater understanding of which activities interest them the most, allowing our dedicated coaches the ability to support their preferences and help them explore their interests. Classes continue to combine achievement and teamwork with fun and focus, but are starting to prepare children for more adult activities. Some of our favourite classes include Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Capoeira, Classic Dance and Swimming. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a martial art derived from judo and traditional jiu jitsu performed in a traditional kimono, similar to wrestling; great for helping children to burn off energy in a carefully controlled environment! Capoeira is a fun, Afro-Brazilian martial art combining dance with combat techniques - ideal for children who like a challenge and to develop their skills. Children will love the elegance, graceful movements taught in Classic Dance, all the while helping them to strengthen and tone key muscles in order to improve their co-ordination and flexibility. For this age group, our Swimming classes become more focused, concentrating on perfecting different strokes and building up their stamina in the water. Our expert coaches support the constant development of your children’s abilities so that they continue to progress and have fun under our programmes.

Aspria Academy Programme for Children

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