Aspria Preschool (3-5 years old)

Discover our new Aspria Academy for children aged 3-5 years old

Aspria Preschool (3-5 years old)

Building a strong foundation for development

The Aspria Academy helps to create the foundations for your children’s education and development. Our variety of academic and physical programmes ensures that your children can learn and develop a variety of skills including physical, creative, personal and social within a safe and engaging environment. Each class has been specifically designed to suit your child's development at this age range. Key classes include Aqua Fun, Karate, Djembe and Cooking. In Aqua Fun little ones are introduced to swimming in a fun and safe environment, building up important physical and co-ordination skills. In Karate children are taught to channel their energy using the key values of karate; self-discipline and control, which is particularly important for children as they are still learning how to properly communicate with others.

It's also ideal for helping children exert themselves and release their energy in a controlled environment, which is especially relevant for children at this age! In addition to traditional sport and classes, Aspria Academy encourages children to experience different activities such as Djembe; African dance, which also helps introduce them to different cultures. Little feet will jump along and dance to African rhythms and beats; they are sure to leave with a smile on their face! Aspria believes that by teaching children about the importance of healthy eating at a young age, so that healthy choices become natural to them, therefore setting them up for a life-time of wellbeing and healthy living. Our Cooking classes are the perfect introduction to healthy eating, children will learn about the origin of products, the benefits of eating nutritious food and how food relates to seasons.

Aspria Academy Programme for Children

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