Aspria Teen (Secondary years 1-4)

Discover our new Aspria Academy Programme for children in Secondary years 1-4

Aspria Teen (Secondary years 1-4)

Aiding the transition from child to adult.

We understand the changing needs of the members as they progress each year. Our expert coaches and state of the art facilities help to develop their skills to a higher and more challenging level as they grow and develop. In this age group there is an increased focus on building self-esteem, confidence and a positive body image, which is particularly important and relevant for this age group. Key classes that develop this are Basketball, Football, Martial Arts and Dance Classes. Basketball and Football are some of our favourite team sports, great at developing important motor skills, such as strength and speed. Team sports are also vital at reducing isolation and shyness and improving personal self-esteem; ideal for this age group, which can be partial to experiencing social awkwardness. Our Dance classes build valuable social skills through group sessions and dance routines, improving your child's ability to communicate with others verbally and through body language alone. These classes are also fantastic at building self-confidence and developing their co-ordination, strength and flexibility. Children at this age are able to take Martial Arts to the next level, allowing them to develop agility and technique. Martial Arts is also great at improving their ability to concentrate and focus, which this age group can easily transfer and utilise in their important final years at school.

Aspria Academy Programme for Children

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