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Aspria Hannover Milon Zirke

Milon Circle & Kinesis Zone

Make the most of your workout at our Milon Circle. A revolutionary circuit programme with a mixture of cardio and strength machines designed to be completed in 35 minutes, it will strengthen your muscles by 30% and encourages fat to burn 15 times faster than a normal workout. The Kinesis Zone offers state-of-the art resistance cable exercise equipment, designed to challenge all areas of your body. A four station circuit, it combines cardio, strength and flexibility into a succinct 30 minute workout. Named after the Ancient Greek word for movement, Kinesis allows an innovative 360-degree movement which improves strength, muscular endurance, balance and co-ordination

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Functional Training

The best functional training programmes require variety, dynamics and a perfect level of intensity and our wide range of equipment means that you can maximise your workouts. Functional training focuses on free exercises with different orientations and intensities which incorporates several joints and muscles at the same time. Functional training is designed to make everyday activities become easier, reduce your risk of injury, improve your fitness levels and overall enhance your quality of life. It can be especially beneficial for mature members as it improves balance, agility and muscle strength.

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Core & Stretch

The Core & Stretch zone provides ample space and mats to perform a range of stretching and core exercises. Stretching will help you to increase your range of motion and general relaxation. By strengthening your core, you will benefit from increased flexibility, improved posture, minimise your risk of injuries, and reduced back pain.

Aspria Hanover Gym Workout 5

Vibration training

Galaxy machines generate multidimensional, mechanical vibrations. By exercising on an unstable surface your muscles have to work much harder to maintain stability. Training sessions are extremely effective. They have many benefits, including improving your core muscles, reducing cellulite, increasing flexibility and blood circulation.

Aspria Hanover Re Touched 25

Power Zone

Training with free weights increases muscle tone, strength and conditioning by using natural movements under resistance. The Power Zone features a wide selection of Technogym equipment featuring the "Pure Strength" plate loaded range, which provides the feeling of free weights. This optimises the performance of each exercise through the ergonomic and biomechanical design of the equipment, but with none of the potential dangers of using free weights. You will benefit from enhanced sports performance, and injury prevention and rehabilitation.

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Cardio training is especially important for general wellbeing, and our cardio area has different types of equipment, carefully selected from leading brands. Designed using the latest technology, most of our equipment can monitor your heart rates and track your rate of activity and also features internet and TV access, to make working out even more enjoyable. Through this training you will improve cardiovascular fitness and endurance, and also increase your metabolism, particularly desirable if weight loss is a personal goal of yours. It's also an extremely effective form of exercise for those with diabetes. Cardiovascular exercise actively reduces cholesterol and blood pressure and improves your heart's overall health. Together these effects will ensure a better night's sleep and relaxation, helping you to restore more energy for your next challenging day.

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