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Swimming Pool

Members can enjoy swimming in our magnificent 25-metre pool. Filled with natural light and carefully calibrated to an optimum water temperature, our fantastic swimming pool is the perfect place to practice your strokes or to have a relaxing dip.

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Tennis & Badminton

Experience the incredible tennis and badminton facilities available at Aspria Hamburg Alstertal, which cater to both beginners and advanced; children and adults. Our members can choose to play on five indoor and six outdoor tennis courts and four badminton courts, allowing them to benefit from a range of different locations for their game. At Aspria we offer so much more to our members than just classic tennis or badminton training.

Tennis at Aspria: For our junior members, the Aspria tennis experience begins in Kleinfeld, with the end goal to compete in national sporting events. Your child will improve and develop their tennis, whilst having fun at the same time. Available for our junior members, from the age of 4 years upwards.
For adult members, our tennis coaches will carefully analyse your current skill level and work together with you to create an appropriate training plan.

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Core & Stretch

The Core & Stretch zone provides ample space and mats to perform a range of stretching and core exercises. Stretching will help you to increase your range of motion and general relaxation. By strengthening your core, you will benefit from increased flexibility, improved posture, minimise your risk of injuries, and reduced back pain.

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Galaxy Hypervibe

The Galaxy Hypervibe is a sophisticated, whole body vibration training device, which is based on the principle of stimulating the muscles by contractions and increasing the G-forces acting on your body. It sends pulses of kinetic energy upwards through every cell of your body, which in turn increases your exposure to gravity. The secret: The Whole Body Vibration method was originally used in space in order to prevent muscle and bone degeneration in astronauts. On Earth, it is used specifically in the gym and in competitive sports, and has many health benefits such as strengthening bones and muscles, assisting with weight loss and improving circulation. Training with the Galaxy Hypervibe is not only fun, but thanks to the vibrations, is much more effective and efficient than using traditional fitness machines, helping you to get the most out of your workouts.

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Power Zone

Training with free weights increases muscle tone, strength and conditioning by using natural movements under resistance. The Aspria Power Corner features a wide selection of Technogym equipment featuring the "Pure Strength" plate loaded range, which provides the feeling of free weights. This optimises the performance of each exercise through the ergonomic and biomechanical design of the equipment, but with none of the potential dangers of using free weights. You will benefit from enhanced sports performance, and injury prevention and rehabilitation.

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Cardio training is especially important for general wellbeing, and our cardio area has no less than 10 different types of equipment, carefully selected from 5 key leading brands. Designed using the latest technology most of our equipment can monitor your heart rates and track your rate of activity and also features internet and TV access, to make working out even more enjoyable. Through this training you will improve cardiovascular fitness and endurance, and also increase your metabolism, particularly desirable if weight loss is a personal goal of yours. It's also an extremely effective form of exercise for those with diabetes. Cardiovascular exercise actively reduces cholesterol and blood pressure and improves your heart's overall health. Together these effects will ensure a better night's sleep and relaxation, helping you to restore more energy for your next challenging day.

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