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Discover how we can help you make real improvements in your physical and mental wellbeing – and help you get the most out of your Aspria membership.

  • What is AspriaPro?

    The goal is to achieve a holistic overview of your current state of health in order to create a personalised programme to improve your wellbeing.

    Everyone is unique and everyone's wellbeing goals are different. Whether you want to increase your energy levels, improve your skin clarity or reduce your stress levels, Aspria will help you achieve your goals. Exclusive to Aspria members, AspriaPro will help you make real improvements in your physical and mental wellbeing – and help you get the most out of your Aspria membership.

  • Why was AspriaPro created?

    We wanted to make sure members truly benefit from their membership and improve their wellbeing. AspriaPro helps members understand their body and offers solutions and support to improve their wellbeing in a way that is right for them. No member is the same and AspriaPro provides a personalised solution.

  • How does it work?

    A holistic health assessment conducted by our experts

    Our AspriaPro experts discuss and assess all areas of your wellbeing; exercise, nutrition, sleep, physiology and lifestyle choices so that we have a truly holistic understanding of your current state of health. During the consultation we will conduct health measurements centred on cardiovascular and oxidative stressors, body composition markers and postural assessment.

  • The body is extremely complex

    It's a meeting point of the physical, mental and spiritual. We understand this and as a result we assess all aspects together. The AspriaPro approach is so effective because it looks at the whole of your wellbeing story…from physiology and exercise, nutrition, sleep and stress management to attitude and relaxation. By looking at your wellbeing from every angle we can tailor a cohesive plan that advises what to work on and how best to do it. It's the holistic approach which enables AspriaPro to improve quality of life so dramatically - the difference between feeling just okay – and feeling rested, energised and ready for anything.

  • The assessment includes

    Measuring specific objective health markers:

    - Cardiovascular risk factors - glucose, cholesterol and blood pressure
    - Nutrition and anti-oxidant level testing
    - Stress resilience and heart rate variability
    - Posture alignment, functional positioning and core stability
    - Movement and fitness
    - Body composition
    - Lifestyle analysis, support and guidance

  • Biological Age vs. Body Age

    At your initial AspriaPro consultation we use cutting-edge technology to conduct a number of innovative tests which allow us to determine your biological age versus your actual age. Being aware of how fast you are ageing and the impact your lifestyle choices are having on your life expectancy has a profound impact on your ability to motivate yourself to realise changes needed in your life. The AspriaPro programme is designed to help you turn back the years, and with regular assessments you can clearly see the impact your AspriaPro programme is having on reducing your biological age.

  • AspriaPro is designed to not only help you achieve your optimum wellbeing, but also to bring down your biological age. Your personalised plan will help you to develop an optimal level of cardio endurance, strength, flexibility, and reach your ideal body weight. One of the reasons the AspriaPro programme is so effective is because it gives you a clear goal to work towards; lowering your biological age, and with regular assessments you can see the impact of your AspriaPro programme. AspriaPro sets out an effective set of good habits to take forward in your life, helping you keep your body and your mind feeling years younger.

Our AspriaPro Experts

We believe in only the very best for our members, which is why the AspriaPro programme has been exclusively designed by a hand-picked team of world class experts. Using their knowledge and expertise, we've been able to create AspriaPro; the ultimate wellbeing programme.

  • Dr. Sabine Donnai

    A leading global authority on integrated health management and preventive medicine. Sabine gained extensive international experience as a general physician and subsequently held senior executive positions with major healthcare companies in the UK. She has been Medical Director of Nuffield Health Wellbeing, Managing Director of Prestige Health and Regional Clinical Director of BUPA.

  • Oliver Patrick

    A world-leading expert in lifestyle management. A physiologist by background, Oliver has been instrumental in establishing professional recognition for applied physiology in the UK, working closely with professional and government bodies as well as major teaching institutions. Oliver was Professional Head of Physiology at Nuffield Health, where he led the largest team of applied physiologists, wellbeing experts and accredited nutritionists in the UK.

  • Ringo Bohnstedt

    Ringo is the Wellbeing Advisor for Berlin and been working for Aspria since 2012. He is extremely passionate about supporting our members so they achieve the most they can out of their Aspria membership. All our experts are specifically trained in the clinical service standards and associated areas of health and wellbeing to ensure that we consistently provide the highest levels of care, knowledge and guidance to all of our members. Together our team of experts have a wealth of knowledge, experience and influence within the health and wellbeing industry. With regular training delivered by our clinical leaders and Head of Wellbeing we aim to deliver the very best in lifestyle and health management services to all of our members.

  • Your Personalised Programme

    After analysing the findings, we craft a bespoke plan that gives guidance on how often you should use the club, which equipment to use, what to eat, whether you need to address your work-life balance and so on…

    We set out an effective set of good habits to take forward in your life, helping you keep your body and your mind feeling years younger.

    Whatever your profile, we set up a completely personalised approach to maximising your complete wellbeing. The process is scientifically proven; it's completely measurable and most importantly, achievable.

Member Testimonial

  • I've always been fit and active, but I didn't realise how much more I could achieve in less time until I started a personalised programme. A total revelation.

    Jean-Louise, 27
  • AspriaPro came up with a plan that pushed me in a totally different direction – lots of yoga and pilates classes, massage, homeopathy and swimming.

    Tommy, 52

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