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At Aspria Hamburg Uhlenhorst we have a variety of options for your tennis game on our 6 beautifully situated outdoor courts - individual or group training, free games, player dating and much more. Every member also has the opportunity to have their tennis level professionally assessed in an individual appointment with a professional trainer.

Tennis for children is a priority at Aspria. Through regular courses or Holiday Camps kids and teens will be inspired to achieve their potential.

The Aspria League

The Aspria League is a partner switching competition and Beginners are extremely welcome.

In this recreational league participants expand their game experience, as they play with a range of partners to earn "game points". All players at level B are eligible to play.

There is a Women's and a Men's league and the game is played in groups of 5, divided by skill level and "all against all".

More information is available at Tennis-Point Service or by email:

Tennis for children

The enjoyment of tennis at Aspria can begin from just three years old. During the courses the transition from small courts to playing on full size courts is completed in a phased program, ensuring that each workout includes progress and achievement.

Talentinos (3-6 years)

Based on the international concept "Play & Stay" kids practise in small groups with suitbale rackets and balls. They learn to play Tennis in an easy and fun way.

Hobby Classes (6 years)

In a group of 3-4 participants children and teenagers learn about tennis or improve existing skills.

Tennis Camps

During the school holidays we offer tennis camps for children from 6 years and up.

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