Enjoy the finest range of health and fitness classes

ranging from Pilates and Aerial Yoga® to Aqua Fit and Les Mills™ courses

Group exercise classes

At Aspria our members enjoy the finest range of health and fitness-programmes lead by expert staff in our first-class club facilities. We are dedicated to creating personalised programmes designed around your individual needs and take great pride in caring for each of our members.

Our unrivalled class timetables are reviewed frequently to reflect what is current and exciting in the industry. Select from a wide range of classes including aerial yoga, Pilates, aqua-fit, Zumba, and our popular Les Mills courses such as BodyAtack.

Each club offers a wide range of activities to suit every health and wellbeing need. Discover more about our diverse class timetables at your nearest club.

Group exercise genres:
  • High Energy – calorie burn, good for heart and lungs, weight loss, and improved cardiovascular / aerobic fitness
  • Mind & Body – relaxing, good for posture, core strength and core stability, flexibility
  • Strength & Conditioning – improves muscle tone, increases metabolism, improves strength and core
  • Dance – have fun, burn calories, improve coordination
  • Cycling – great for fitness improvements and fat burn, everyone can do it
  • Aqua – great all round exercise, low intensity, and low impact on the joints

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