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5 ways to stay energised this autumn

Don’t let the arrival of autumn sap you of your energy. Our expert advice will keep you firing on all cylinders!

As autumn sets in – longer nights, colder days, the lure of the cosy indoors and comfort foods – it’s so easy to find ourselves shuffling towards hibernation.

Here are our tips to keep your energy levels high this autumn.

1. Stay active

Counterintuitive as it may sound, to gain energy, you should burn energy; there’s really nothing to beat a good workout when it comes to shaking off the sleepiness of autumn and getting your body and mind firing on all cylinders.

Not only will you feel better – happy, energised, alert – but it will keep you on-track throughout the winter too, meaning no need for a last-minute ‘I have to get into a swimsuit in three months’ panic come the spring!

Our advice: Don’t wait for the new year to set a resolution. Set yourself a new goal now – something to inspire you at just the moment when the summer sun is disappearing and the sofa begins to beckon.

2. Take some ‘me time’

Also important, however, is to recognise that autumn is allowed to be a period of recovery after an inevitably busy summer.

Our advice: Taking time out for yourself, relaxing in the Aspria spa, will sometimes be just as good for you as a workout.

3. Recharge properly

The importance of sleep cannot be over-stated, but in autumn and winter – as the longer nights begin to wreak havoc on our circadian rhythms – we can often find ourselves suffering from daytime tiredness, or indeed an urge to sleep for longer each night.

Our advice: Even with the change in daylight hours, it’s important to keep sleep patterns as regular as possible, going to bed and getting up at the same time each day. The benefits of this strategy are numerous: reduced drowsiness, lower risk of insomnia, fewer naps needed, reduced caffeine dependence, improved alertness and focus. But this sleep strategy doesn’t only improve sleep quality – it also plays an important role in supporting our metabolism and with it, our ability to maintain a healthy weight.

4. Fuel your body

Good nutrition is always vital to our energy levels. The ongoing challenge is to avoid the ‘empty calories’ of junk food and instead choose nutrient-rich foods that will genuinely fuel our bodies – and this is no different in the autumn.

However, whereas salads are a great option in the summer, in cooler months you’ll naturally want to warm your body from the inside and keep cravings at arm’s length. Opt for satisfying home-made soups, steamed vegetables, roasted root vegetables, whole grains. And make sure you get plenty of vitamin C and zinc to keep colds at bay.

Our advice: Seasonal produce tends to be higher in essential nutrients than fruit and vegetables that aren’t in season, so shop local and seasonal, and ideally organic too. This will give your body the nutrition it needs, boosting your energy reserves and your immune system too.

5. Make reasons to get out

If you’re feeling tired or low during the day, it’s time to get outdoors! Even if it’s cold and cloudy, a burst of fresh air and daylight can do wonders for your mental alertness and mood. Try and bring the outside in too – for example, if you spend long hours in an office and don’t get to see much daylight at either end of the day, place your desk close to a window if you possibly can.

And even in the evenings, when daylight isn’t up for grabs, you can still boost your energy levels by getting out rather than spending every night curled up at home.

Our advice: Take regular short breaks during the day to soak in the daylight. And make plans to see friends and family after work, organising things you’re excited to do and that will keep you away from your sofa!

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