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Group Exercise for all

Group exercise: The answer to lapsed wellbeing resolutions

Group exercise isn’t just for women: it’s proven to help everyone stick to their wellbeing routine. You just have to identify the class that’s right for you – and you might be surprised by what you find.

If you’re struggling to maintain your exercise motivation, now might be the time to consider adding a few group classes to your wellbeing routine.

Why? Because independent research* shows that – male or female, young or old – group exercise classes do two important things: they encourage you to exercise more frequently, and they make you more likely to stick with your exercise routine over time. So why is that?

A virtuous circle

First of all, group exercise makes fitness fun. There are high levels of interaction, motivation from the instructor, plus the workouts are varied and usually accompanied by great music.

Group exercise also builds a sense of community. You’ll see many of the same people at class each week, to the point that it becomes as much about seeing your workout buddies as about the exercise itself.

Finally, thanks to this fun and sense of community, you’re more likely to attend regularly, which in turn means you’re more likely to achieve results – and that’s absolutely key to staying motivated and keeping up your exercise routine. This is the virtuous circle of group exercise.

Challenging preconceptions

The challenge, of course, is perception: men in particular tend to think of group exercise studios as women’s territory – a place of dancing, aerobics and stretching.

But things have moved on in the world of group exercise. Take a look down the long and varied list of classes at Aspria and you’ll find all sorts of options that will appeal whatever your age, gender, interests and level of fitness.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT), for example, gives plenty of scope to push yourself and your fitness to the limit. The same goes for studio cycling, combat-based workouts, circuits… Even the fittest athlete can challenge him or herself in these classes.

Improved sporting performance

And if you think classes like yoga and pilates are just for women, think again. Slower paced they may be, but these full-body workouts not only develop strength, musculature and flexibility. Pilates and yoga can help improve your athletic performance. You’ll hit a golf ball further, run faster and with less pain, be able to safely lift more weight in the gym thanks to a strong core… You’ll also reduce your risk of getting injured, not only while you’re playing sport but also in day-to-day life.

Not convinced? Google ‘pilates and professional athletes’ and you’ll get all the proof you need: elite athletes, from Premier league football teams to Olympic athletes, swear by pilates as a crucial part of their strength and conditioning training. 

Nowadays, there really is something for everyone on the class timetable – and finding the right class is proven to help you stick to your exercise routine. Time to sign up for a class?


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* https://www.healthclubmanagement.co.uk/health-club-management-features/GX-vs-gym/28885