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How to boost your immune system

Nutrition, sleep, physical activity and stress are all factors that influence the resilience of our immune system. Proactively catering to your health on a daily basis therefore boosts your immunity, and vice versa.

Health and immunity

Immunity is our body's ability to defend itself against external aggressions – viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites or even a foreign body such as a splinter or a transplanted organ – and internal attacks, such as cancers.

An outstanding communication network is implemented by our body to protect its integrity: certain cells like white blood cells, molecules such as antibodies, and organs like the spleen - coordinate to respond to different threats.

Physical activity

In addition to its well-known benefits, such as managing weight, slowing down aging, improving cardio-respiratory functions and sleep quality, as well as reducing stress - the practice of physical activities and sports plays an important role in maintaining overall health.

A moderate intensity exercise session stimulates the immune system. By improving blood circulation, this activity allows cells and molecules of the immune system to be transported efficiently throughout the body. This immunoprotective effect may even last a few days after exercising.

However, the practice of strenuous activities seems to temporarily impair the immune system. Training for a marathon, for example, may activate the release of stress hormones (cortisol, endorphins, etc.) in the body. This repeated stress makes the defence system more vulnerable. Certainly, you should not give up this type of activity, but you should be careful: if you are tired, simply slow down the frequency and intensity of your workouts.

Aspria wellbeing experts agree that physical activity can strengthen your immune system. To avoid having a negative impact, the golden rule is simply moderation. The recommendation is to limit yourself to sixty minutes of moderate physical activity per day.

A balanced lifestyle

A varied diet, good quality sleep, regular and moderate physical activity and consistent stress management require some discipline, but they should not necessarily become a chore. The key to turning these into your daily habits is to make them enjoyable.

Besides their wellbeing services and facilities, Aspria Clubs also benefit from impeccable cleanliness thanks to enhanced hygiene protocols, and an app enabling members to book Club activities online – thus ensuring a safe number of visitors is maintained in any given area at all times. Members are invited to strictly adhere to the safety and hygiene rules implemented, and they do appreciate them. Brigitte, 59, is a member of the Aspria Royal La Rasante Club and tells us: “These group lessons have allowed me to regain my mental and physical health. For 14 years, I no longer go to the doctor. Coming back to this Club confirmed my choice to remain a member for the future. I really need wellbeing today – and care. And this Club gives me that! La Rasante offers us a magnificent reopening: online registrations and complete security measures. I feel confident when I am at the Club. "

Discover Brigitte's full testimonial here.

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