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Marlène de Wouters:

"An instant release!"

A former professional player, she was christened “the ballerina of tennis”. As a journalist and TV presenter, Marlène de Wouters juggles languages, formats and topics. And her passion for sport is evident at every level: she commentates on sports, swims regularly and is the patron of MW Funds, an organisation which opens the doors of sport to underprivileged children.

“When I arrive at the club, Aspria Brussels Arts-Loi, I’ve hardly pushed open the door when I feel a real sense of release."

"I’m there to make the most of each moment and to take care of myself. It’s a bubble of air, a complete break for a couple of hours. With the sports facilities, spa, pool and L’Institut, there’s everything I need to relax, all in one place. This switch off allows me to recharge my batteries.”

A remedy for the hard knocks of life

“My motivation is my desire to do good for myself, to experience wellbeing both physically and mentally. This escape helps me keep everything under control: doing sport regularly allows me to have structure in my life.”


Swimming, but that’s not all….

I’m a swimming fanatic! The pool at Aspria is great to use, all year round! What I really like is to vary my classes, sometimes cardio like Sh’Bam, Zumba or Cycling, but also more relaxing classes like yoga and Pilates. I try to come three times a week, with a preference for the quieter times, in the morning or after 21.00 in the evening. I sometimes come with my partner, because it’s easier to get motivated together! The treatments available at L’Institut, like endermologie, sculpting massages and facial treatments offer time for relaxation and a great self-esteem boost, at the same time. You always feel unbelievably well when you come out of there.

A club where nothing is missing

The club’s infrastructure is undeniably its greatest asset: everything is organised so that both experienced athletes and people who just want to work out can find whatever makes them happy. It’s not absolutely essential to do sport if you want to visit the club; you could just as easily come and spend some time relaxing in the spa, on the terrace, at l’Institut or in the restaurant. It’s like a little town in the club, and it’s almost impossible to benefit from everything because the palette is so large.


The desire to return

"What I also really appreciate is the opportunity to meet other nationalities, other cultures, other generations, single people, couples and families. This friendly cohabitation is very enriching. I also appreciate the attention to detail: a smile from the staff, the towels, shower gel, the cleanliness and welcoming atmosphere. The club isn’t too exclusive, it’s still accessible. Everything you need is there, to keep you motivated and to make you want to come back."

An expectant mum who’s crazy about Aspria

Ondine Stenuit