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Family is important to us at Aspria, as we are determined to promote ultimate wellbeing throughout all stages of life. We promote the healthy development of young people, providing care, carefully designed educational programmes and spaces where families feel comfortable together, as well as synchronised classes so parents can tend to their own wellbeing while the children are busy.

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children use an Aspria club every school holiday.

Aspria Academy

Our 0-17 year-olds’ programme provides a strong foundation for healthy growth in young people.

Our award-winning children’s programme has been developed for Aspria by experts in childhood development. Aiming to inspire young minds and promote healthy development, Aspria Academy offers a range of Swimming, Gymnastics and Martial Arts classes that progress key skills at different stages of learning, with a particular emphasis on technique and social interaction.

All our junior activities and classes are synchronised with adult classes, so parents can tend to their own wellbeing at the same time.

Explore our targeted programme for different age groups.

20 hours

or more of crèche facilities are available every week.

Aspria Baby (0-2 years old)

Developing confidence and awareness.

Aspria Academy’s youngest members are introduced to the swimming pool under their parent’s supervision, and can also start Gymnastics sessions. At this young age, children are discovering their own bodies and learning to respond to instructions, and we work on self-confidence, mobility and balance, as well as improving attention and concentration. We provide a safe, structured environment that promotes feelings of independence and self-confidence. Up to the age of three, children also have access to our crèche.

Don’t forget to check out our Fit Mums and Fit Bumps classes for new mothers.

Aspria Mini (3-5 years old)

Building strong foundations for healthy development.

Aspria Academy’s programme ensures that children learn and develop essential physical, creative, personal and social skills through a range of engaging and fun classes. We help little ones feel comfortable in the water by providing a safe environment, building important physical and co-ordination skills; Martial Arts channel children’s energy while teaching self-discipline and control; and Gymnastics is ideal of developing mobility and balance, attention and concentration. We also continue with group and individual swimming lessons to develop skills and techniques.

All our classes help children release their energy in a controlled, secure environment, while encouraging exploration, experimentation and social behaviour.

Aspria Junior (6-8 years old)

Team activities for cognitive and physical development.

At this stage, Aspria Academy develops children’s physical abilities, flexibility and focus with Martial Arts, Gymnastic and Swimming classes, encouraging self-confidence and independence while developing positive interaction with peers. The classes on offer have been designed to develop the whole child physically, intellectually and morally; shy children gain self-confidence, while more nervous children learn self-control.

Aspria Junior + (9-11 years old)

Driving physical aptitude and teamwork.

Our classes continue to combine achievement and teamwork with fun and focus, while preparing children for more advanced activities. One of our young members’ favourite classes is Martial Arts, which helps children burn off energy in a carefully controlled environment, while Gymnastics continues to develop body awareness, focus and physical skill.

At this age group, our swimming classes concentrate on perfecting different strokes and building stamina in the water, with expert coaches supporting the development of your children’s abilities.

Aspria Teen (12-13 years old)

Aiding the transition from child to adult.

Teenage members have specific needs as they progress towards adulthood, and our expert coaches use the club’s facilities to best challenge and develop their skills to a higher level. This age group needs an increased focus on building self-esteem, confidence and a positive body image, which is particularly important and relevant during these years. Our Martial Arts class furthers children’s combat techniques and acrobatics skills, building respect for themselves and others around them. Gymnastics continues at a higher level, while children progress their swimming training, developing agility, technique and concentration, which helps in their important final years at school.

Aspria Teen+ (14-15 years old)

Building skills, esteem and confidence.

Our teenage members continue to benefit from being challenged to develop their skills to a higher level, with coaches focusing on building self-esteem, confidence and a positive body image. We offer various swimming classes to develop a range of skills, such as strength and speed, and also allow teens access to the pool without parental supervision.

We have also launched a range of classes to reduce shyness and improve self-esteem, including Cycling, SH’BAM and Ballet. Over 14s are also able to train in our fitness zones, but only under the supervision of a personal trainer.

Aspria Evolution (16-17 years old)

Supporting the transition to adulthood.

We consolidate everything we have taught our junior members to prepare them for their wellbeing journey into adult life. We introduce the club’s adult facilities, showing how to use fitness equipment in a safe and productive way, and integrating them into group classes such as aerobics, martial arts, functional training and cardio. During these years, the Academy programme continues to drive self-discipline, personal motivation and independence, with coaches helping young adults develop a fitness training programme that reflects their own exercise preferences and sets realistic goals for future exercise.

Over 16s have access to the pool without parental supervision, and can also attend group classes and use the gym equipment in our fitness zones under the supervision of a parent, a personal trainer or a one of our wellbeing advisors.

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Aspria Brussels Arts-Loi provides first-class crèche facilities for babies from three months old.

Our spacious children’s area offers a stimulating and safe environment to explore and play, with sleeping and soft relaxation spaces as well as changing facilities. Highly qualified childcare experts take excellent care of your children while you enjoy the club, allowing you to concentrate on your health and fitness.

Crèche open:
Monday, Tuesday, Friday & Saturday 10.00-15.00
Wednesday 10.00-18.00
Closed Thursday, Sunday & public holidays.

An expectant mum who’s crazy about Aspria

Ondine Stenuit

Fitness for Mums

Cardiovascular exercise and resistance training can have significant benefits for pregnant women and new mothers.

At Aspria Arts-Loi, we offer programmes created and supervised by experts in pre and postnatal exercise. The Fit Bumps class for expectant mothers features alternating exercises for flexibility and toning aiming to maintain muscular vitality and your figure, while the Antenatal Yoga class provides relaxation, stretching and gentle toning specially adapted for expectant mums. By strengthening the pelvic floor and teaching breathing and relaxation techniques, it will also help you prepare for the birth, both physically and mentally.

Our Fit Mums class for new mothers targets specific muscles that have a tendency to become slack and weak postnatally. You will enjoy getting back in shape with other new mums and your babies are welcome too.