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Adrien Devyver:

"An indispensable place for taking time out"

With his humour and his warmth, he’s already made an impact in “Sans chichis” and “Un gars, un chef”. Television viewers continue to see him every day on La Une, presenting “Vis ta mine” and “Le grand cactus”. When he’s not in the studios on boulevard Reyers, Adrien Devyver withdraws far from the airwaves at the club Aspria Brussels Royal La Rasante.

“You switch off the moment you drive into the car park at Aspria: the telephone goes onto silent, the car boot opens, you grab your sports bag and you’re off. You enter another dimension: zen, welcoming, sporting. All your senses are activated.”

Far from the stress of professional life

“Aspria really is the perfect place to stop rushing around and to put some distance between yourself and the stress of work. I’m a total fan of the pool, for example. Swimming really helps me escape my everyday stress. All the spaces are perfectly laid out, the staff are always smiling and the hygiene is faultless in every area of the club. This world gives you time to refocus and to find the effort, or even the performance, depending on how you feel that day.”

Impeccable service

“I pay particular attention to it because it’s a real bonus: the club’s people are its asset, as is the cleanliness. The staff are always ready to listen to you, ready to go the extra mile, and all the spaces are faultless. Not forgetting the friendliness of other members either. Playing sport in a world filled with smiles is extremely motivational. The equipment is well maintained and updated regularly, which makes the club a very modern place. The events organised by the staff are always enjoyable. On a more practical level, the fact that you have the benefit of a car park in the city is obviously a great advantage.”

A multitude of reasons to come

“It’s difficult to find a single reason to visit the club, because there are so many! First of all, there’s the desire to keep your body healthy so that you’re at the top of your game in any circumstances, whether sporting or professional. The pace of my job means it’s essential to be in flawless physical condition. There’s also the relaxation element at the club, which is incomparable. After the effort, the reward! I always spend some time in the spa area after my daily session. It’s a space which allows me to switch off and refocus.”

All to help you excel

“It’s impossible not to achieve your goals at the club! It’s so easy. Three years ago, I set myself the objective of developing my tennis classification. After three years of work, conditioning exercises, muscle chain work, stretching and recovery, I made it. And I’ve gone even further than I hoped. Aspria offers a multitude of possibilities for both physical and mental development.”

Getting back into sport does me a power of good!

François Mazure