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Joëlle Scoriels:

“The club really is a godsend for my children!”

Joëlle Scoriels needs no introduction. She’s the presenter with the talent and natural charm which have seen her chosen as the Belgians’ favourite TV personality on many occasions. Currently presenter of “69 minutes sans chichi” [“69 minutes with no fuss and bother”] on One, Joëlle is also mum to Sacha, 10 years old, and Estelle who is 4. She visits the club Aspria Brussels Royal La Rasante with her family, and this little tribe has a regular weekend routine there.

"When I arrive with my children, I feel happy to get started with the weekend’s sport. It’s a busy programme: my son Sacha starts with his swimming lesson and follows that with a tennis class. My little girl Estelle pops into the crèche while I go off to do a bit of fitness, and then I can recover by taking her for her swimming lesson, when I can swim too. Good planning means this all works perfectly and leaves us feeling relaxed and happy at the end of the morning."

Swimming for little ones

"My daughter, Estelle, started swimming lessons at the club when she was three. Given that she’s a bit of a shy little girl, I was quite nervous about how this would go. She got to know an instructor called Laurent who really knew how to win her over. She’s made wonderful progress and always ends up having fun. The lessons are very well delivered because even for the youngest children, the exercises train them in swimming in a way that’s always fun, and the children really enjoy their time in class."

A family of fans

"My children have also taken part in holiday camps at the club and they’re really happy to go there. My daughter joined the creative musical camp in February. It was her first holiday camp and she loved it. I was so happy for her! There’s a real family atmosphere and the team taking care of the children are all so welcoming.

It’s great that the holiday camps are so varied and fun. For example, there’s a whole progression of different levels for tennis, which is motivational. Sacha did a combination of multisports and theatre during the holidays in February. They can go in the pool during all the holiday camps: I think it’s very comprehensive and well-planned, it’s a great package."

A second home

"The club really is a godsend for my children, the surroundings are so comfortable and welcoming. The whole site gives you a great feeling of security: my 10 year old son is happy to move from one activity to the next without me being there to supervise him. I have no problem letting him grow up within the club. He’s independent and I feel confident about that. My daughter is welcomed so affectionately by the childcare staff. The machines in the gym meet my needs perfectly and the pool and spa are really lovely. The terrace, where we like to eat sometimes in good weather, is enchanting! Generally, the atmosphere is relaxed and soothing. In short, I can only see benefits!"

A mum who’s taken up sport!

"For my part, I want to restore some tone and energy! I perform a series of exercises which, like most mums of my age, target those good old abdos and buttocks. Salman, who’s a wonderful coach, put together my little programme to suit my level. I started sport at the age of 38 and I’m amazed at how much I like it! He advised me which exercise to do and they work: six months later, I genuinely feel more toned. I visit the club on Saturday mornings, but I also like coming once or twice a week on my own in the evening, and staying as long as I like. I spend about forty minutes in the gym, and then I go and luxuriate in the spa until nearly 10 o’clock. It’s a calm and peaceful time, on my own, just for me!"

An indispensable place for taking time out

Adrien Devyver