Rules – framework for games and competitions organised by La Rasante S.A., Aspria Club S.A. and Aspria City S.A.

Article 1: organiser and context

The company La Rasante S.A., located at rue Sombre 56, 1200 Brussels, company number BE 0472 238065, the company Aspria Club S.A., located at rue de l’Industrie 26, 1040 Brussels, company number BE 0472223021, the company Aspria City S.A., located at Avenue Louise 71b, 1050 Brussels, company number BE 0870661409, hereafter known as Aspria, organise various games and competitions which are subject to the present regulatory framework and some of which are organised for a particular duration (number of days and/or hours) specified in each competition or game.

URL Aspria Brussels Royal La Rasante :

URL Aspria Brussels Arts-Loi :

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URL Aspria Belgium :

In each case, the activity is not associated with, managed or sponsored by Facebook.


Article 2: Participants

2.1 The games or competitions organised by Aspria are only open to natural persons of at least 18 years of age, resident in Belgium and in possession of a personal Facebook account, their own email address or a reachable mobile telephone number.

2.2 The games or competitions are not open to persons who do not meet the above-mentioned conditions, nor to members of staff (company representatives, associates, employees, contractors….) of Aspria, its subsidiaries and partner companies (particularly the sponsors of the games or competitions), nor to persons living under the same roof, close family, partners, parents, brothers and sisters, children.

2.3 Participation must be on an individual basis.

2.4 Each participant in Aspria’s games or competitions agrees faithfully and unreservedly to comply with the present regulatory framework, with rules which are specific to each game or competition, with decisions taken by Aspria regarding these games or competitions, with ethical rules in force on the internet as well as with laws, regulations and other standards applicable within Belgium.


Article 3: methods of participation

3.1 Participation in the games or competitions will be effected exclusively in the following way:

By ‘liking’, by posting a comment and by ‘tagging’ a friend on the competition announcement on Aspria’s Facebook page or Instagram account:

URL Aspria Brussels Royal La Rasante :

URL Aspria Brussels Arts-Loi :

URL Aspria Brussels Avenue Louise :

URL Aspria Belgium :

3.2 Only one entry is permitted per person – one surname, one forename, one email address or Facebook identity – throughout the whole period of the game.

3.3 Although the game is accessible via the Facebook and Instagram platforms, neither Facebook nor Instagram will be held responsible in any case of litigation linked to the game. Facebook and Instagram are neither the organisers nor the sponsors of the activity.

3.4 Aspria reserves the right to exclude persons who do not comply with the current methods of participation; these persons will no longer have the right to benefit from any prize. No claims will be accepted.


Article 4: principle of the game

4.1 The games or competitions are placed online (at random) on Aspria’s social networks, for a duration which is specified and particular to each game or competition.

4.2 Communication of the results to the winners
The winners will be notified personally by private message on Facebook.
Participants accept explicitly not to challenge the method of receipt of this information in any way, nor the proof of its receipt. The winners will need to provide their email address so we can send the voucher. Their information won’t be saved anywhere and not used for any other promotional/ marketing purposes.

4.3 The prizes

a. No claims can be accepted regarding the nature of the prizes, no amendment, exchange or payment as substitute can be demanded. The prizes may not be passed on to third parties.

b. Each winner will be informed, via a private message on Facebook, of the process to follow in order to claim his/her prize. Unless the published information contains provisions contrary to those in this paragraph, the prizes will be available at the reception of the Aspria club involved in the competition. The winners will have 1 month to come and claim their prize, or the prize will be deemed to have been forfeited.
To claim his/her prize, each winner must present one form of proof of identity to the reception of the Aspria club involved in the competition.
If the winner does not claim/remove his/her prize within 1 month following the sending of the private message on Facebook, the right to the prize is cancelled.

c. In the event of an error (for example, such as in the communication of information), Aspria reserves the right to decide how the error will be corrected and handled: the participant will accept this decision without reservation.

d. The winners in our competitions benefit from them in a personal capacity. This benefit cannot be given to a third party (except on request and with the formal agreement of Aspria).

4.4 The winner(s) will be drawn randomly during the 7 days following the closing of the game. The winner(s) will be contacted by private message on Facebook or by email in the 3 days following the random draw, confirming the nature of the prize he/she has won and details of how to take up the prize. All winners who fail to respond within 72 hours of sending notification of their win will be considered to have surrendered the prize, which will be re-allocated to a new winner.


Article 5: Disclaimer

5.1 Participation in the games or competitions implies understanding and acceptance of the characteristics and limitations associated with the internet and with telecommunication services, particularly with regard to technical performance, the risk of interruption and, more generally, the risks inherent in every connection and transmission, the risks associated with the absence of protection of certain details against potential misappropriation or the risks associated with potential contamination by viruses which may be circulating on the internet.

In consequence, each participant recognises that Aspria cannot, under any circumstances, be held responsible for eventualities not limited to the following list: any transmission and/or receipt of all details and/or information on the internet or via telecommunication networks; all malfunctioning of the internet network or telecommunications networks which prevents the smooth running of a game or competition; failure of reception equipment or lines of communication; loss of paper or electronic mail and, more generally, loss of data; delivery problems; all software functioning; the consequences of any virus, information bug, anomaly, technical failure; any damage caused to a participant’s computer; any technical, hardware and software failure of whatever kind, whether it prevents or limits the opportunity to participate in the game or competition or causes damage to the participant’s system.

It is the responsibility of each participant to take all appropriate measures in order to protect from any violation his/her own details and/or the software stored on his information or telephone equipment. Connection with Aspria’s Facebook and Instagram pages and participation in the games and competitions are undertaken entirely under the participant’s own responsibility.

5.2 Aspria cannot be held responsible, in general terms, in the event of an emergency or unforeseen circumstances independent of its control, such as, for example, in the event of information fraud, virus, fire, flood, natural disaster, strike or any other reason.

In all cases, the organiser reserves the right to be able to modify all pre-announced dates and/or times, with effect from the publication of this information online on the relevant Facebook or Instagram page.


Article 6: Concluding Provisions

6.1 No telephone or email conversation will be conducted regarding the contents of this regulatory framework.

6.2 Aspria may, at any time, make amendments to this regulatory framework, which will be available on the website http://www.aspria.com/
The companies responsible for data management are La Rasante S.A., Aspria Club S.A. and Aspria City S.A.
We process your personal data solely in accordance with statutory provisions: Art. 12 and 13 EU GDPR.

6.3 Any fraud attempt under this regulatory framework or under the specific rules of each game or competition will be penalised by immediate exclusion of the participant. In this event, Aspria reserves the right to exclude the offending participant from all further participation in games or competitions organised by Aspria.

6.4 Forms of evidence
Each participant accepts that private messages on Facebook or emails shall constitute evidence between the parties.

6.5 Any points not covered by this regulatory framework will be decided by Aspria without appeal. Each participant undertakes to accept these decisions.

6.6 Applicable law and jurisdiction
This regulatory framework is governed by Belgian law.
In the event of judicial dispute, the only competent tribunals shall be those with responsibility in the locations where the organiser is domiciled.

Issued in Brussels, 7 August 2019