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7 Ways to stay fit & well in 2019

Aspria takes a look at the trends that are set to shape the way we approach our fitness and wellbeing in 2019…


Functional training will gain an ever-stronger foothold in 2019, as more and more people appreciate its role in developing strength and fitness that’s applicable to real life scenarios.

How so? Well, functional training works your body in all the forms and planes of movement it naturally has to use on a daily basis. Combining cardiovascular work with bodyweight training and exercises that use special functional equipment – from medicine balls to boxing bags to battleropes – functional training doesn’t only get you fit. It gets you fit for life.

Whether you’re a young mum having to bend, lift and rotate to carry your child; a golfer or tennis player who wants to be match-fit and injury-free; an office worker who needs to strengthen their core and improve their posture after long hours at a desk; or an older person who needs to safely sit, stand and walk, functional training is for you.



For those with sedentary jobs, stretching mitigates the effects of limited movements, compromised positions and repetitive actions. For those who are active, it optimises performance, restores the body and brings it back into pain-free balance.

Flexibility training is also a great starting point if you’re just setting out on your wellbeing journey, increasing your range of movement and allowing you to exercise and build strength safely.



The backlash against the size zero models has been gathering momentum for a year or two; finally, it seems women no longer have to be skinny to be seen as attractive. Amen to that.

What’s now deemed sexy is in fact a strong, athletic, toned body – which means women, as well as men, can finally be healthy and feel attractive at the same time, building strong, resilient bodies and enjoying healthy, balanced, nutritious diets.

This is one key reason why strength training for women has really taken off over recent years, and will continue to grow in popularity in 2019.



Breathing properly – by which we mean deep, diaphragmatic breathing rather than shallow breathing into your chest – has a wide range of proven health benefits, from reduced anxiety to detoxification of the body.

This knowledge – combined with the rising interest in meditation and holistic health – means we’re set to see a growing focus on the importance of breathing for health and wellbeing in 2019.



Mental health is receiving huge coverage in the media at the moment – both the importance of it, but also the prevalence of mental health issues even among those who outwardly seem fine. With this, we’re reaching a tipping point where our rationale for exercise may start to switch, or at the very least broaden. That’s thanks to a growing body of evidence which shows how exercise can not only offer an immediate feelgood factor – that rush of mood-lifting endorphins we get after a workout – but also help prevent, and even treat, depression.

We don’t expect people to abandon fitness and weight-loss goals. However, going forward we can expect to see people exercising just as much for their mental health – for how being active makes them feel inside – as for their physical health.



With a growing body of research showing how our gut health – and indeed the food we eat – can impact everything from our immunity to our mood, it’s no overstatement to say that food is increasingly being viewed as medicine.

As a result, we’re likely to see a societal shift towards ‘clean eating’: an avoidance of processed foods in favour of real, wholesome ingredients that boost our health.

In a 360° approach to wellbeing, it's vital that our food intake complements and supports the rest of our wellbeing efforts.



It’s no coincidence that a growing number of apps and trackers monitor not only how many steps you do each day, and how many calories you burn, but also the quality of your sleep. Sleep has long been neglected as a contributor to health, but with our busy (sleep-deprived) lifestyles increasingly leading to burn-out, we’re finally paying attention to this most vital of (in)activities.

And it’s a good thing, because lack of sleep is an important contributing factor to a number of health issues, from stress and weight gain to risk of stroke.

In 2019, there will be more and more focus on the quality of our sleep – specifically, how to achieve the health-restoring deep sleep we all need, from monitoring our diet and alcohol intake, to our mobile phone use, to our exercise choices.


* * *


Aspria’s use of the word ‘wellbeing’ reflects its very holistic approach to being healthy and well. For Aspria, wellbeing is much more about how you feel, not simply how fit you are. It’s about being truly well at a physical, mental and emotional level. After all, what you feel on the inside shows on the outside.

That is why Aspria’s facilities and services are so diverse, encompassing not only the best in sports, fitness and cutting-edge physiological testing (Aspria Pro), but also award-winning spas and relaxation suites, luxury clubrooms and hotels, great-tasting healthy menus and extensive children’s activities – all delivered with a wonderful sense of member community and club spirit. Aspria believes all of this contributes to members’ wellbeing.

Wellbeing at Aspria is a comprehensive, 360° service for real people – and it works.


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