I will reach my goals this year...

Because I’ve found a place where I feel I belong

"I’ve never been convinced about joining a health club. All those fit, young people training hard in the gym… I really wasn’t sure it was for me.

But when I visited Aspria, I could see they approached health and wellbeing in a totally different way and it fits much better with what I am interested in at my age. I feel like I belong there."

I want to live life well

"As I’ve grown older, my priorities have changed. I like to stay active, but I’m not focused on fitness specifically. I just want to get the most out of every day:

I want to feel energised, stay mobile, sleep well and keep those daily aches and pains under control. I’m doing what I can to maximise my chances of a long, healthy, happy life."

Home away from home

"Some days I might want to exercise; other days I’ll just relax or spend time at the club with friends and family – and that all fits with Aspria’s approach to wellbeing.

Aspria is becoming my second home: it’s a club in the true sense of the word."

What our Aspria expert says:

When joining Aspria, we started with an Aspria Pro health assessment, our 12-step health check where the results show your biological age. From there our team can help improve this number, with recommendations and support every step of the way. A healthy lifestyle later in life is crucial to keeping the body and mind in good shape, and it starts with having a good time.
So we made sure we paired Charles with the right PT, following the appropriate low-intensity work-out, and enjoying his company as well. Charles can choose to  exercise in one of the pools or fully relax in the sauna, while our restaurants and lounge areas are perfect to meet likeminded members or get together with loved ones.

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