I will reach my goals...

Because I have a proper plan

"I’ve always been into sport and fitness, but I was losing my momentum a bit and felt I needed a new goal to stay motivated. So, I’ve set myself a challenge and am keen to see how I get on. I’m hoping I can surprise even myself!"

A new challenge

"I’ve always trained hard and been relatively fit, and I enjoy the focus and energy this gives me both physically and mentally.

But now feels like the right time to take it up a gear, so I’m going to be running a 10k later this year. I definitely don’t need to win it, but I want to know I did my best."

I’m inspired to do what it takes

"That’s why I’ve joined Aspria. In the past, I’ve done my own thing at the gym, but this year I’m working with a personal trainer so I can tap in to expert guidance, individual programmes and additional motivation as I work towards my goal. The whole club environment is really supportive too, with a great team of wellbeing advisors alongside my personal trainer.

I feel really focused and I’m excited to see what I can achieve with Aspria’s help."

What our Aspria expert says:

The first step was to complete our Aspria Pro assessment for Daniel. He is already quite fit, but Aspria Pro provides far more in-depth insight into his physical condition, allowing us to create a bespoke training regimen. It also helps check Thomas' progress, ensuring he is on the right track for his 10K run.
We keep in mind his overall health goals as well, so in addition to his personal training session, we prescribed a mix of swimming and relaxation activities that will keep his energy levels high.

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