We will reach our goals ...

Because we’re doing it as a family

"Life with children can be a juggling act: it’s all too easy to let them sit in front of the TV while we prepare dinner or check our emails. But all of our health ends up suffering from these high levels of inactivity."

Time to change

"We wanted to do something about this. Our children need to grow up with activity embedded in their lifestyle, whatever their passion or interest.

We knew we had to focus on our own wellbeing too, badly needing an energy boost to help us be the parents we wanted to be."

The right choice for all of us

"As soon as we visited Aspria, we knew we’d found the perfect solution. There are so many activities on offer for the children – and while they’re safely and happily occupied, we’re free to enjoy some ‘me time’ at the club. There are great social spaces to spend quality time together as a family too.

Aspria membership has absolutely been the right choice for all of us."

What our Aspria expert says:

Aspria Academy is a specially developed programme for all our junior members. It provides a perfect mix of physical and educational activities to choose from - to ensure your children can broaden their skillset, socialize and play in a safe and fun environment. At the same time, our junior activities and classes are synchronised with our adult classes,which means you can pursue your own wellbeing interests while your children follow their own schedule - all under one roof.

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