I will reach my goals...

Because my results speak for themselves

"Before I joined Aspria, whenever I’ve made a new year’s resolution, I always set an impossible target, expected change to happen overnight, and gave up as soon as I hit the first hurdle. Since I've joined, I've seen tangible results, even reduced my biological age by 3 years and never looked back. It is why I am confident I'll achieve my goals this year."

I needed the support

"My priority had been to carve out some ‘me time’ to focus on my health and feel like myself again. The problem was, there are so many other demands on my time; it can be hard to strike a balance between my professional and personal life.

I finally acknowledged I can’t do this on my own – that I’d do better if I enlisted the help of the experts."


Finally I’m taking back control

"Other health clubs I’ve been to have focused purely on fitness, but at Aspria they talk about holistic wellbeing. That’s perfect for me. Yes, I want to get fit – I want to look good, feel great and be able to handle whatever life throws at me. But more than anything I want to lower my stress levels and get some balance back in my life.

This is the year when I’ll achieve that, with the help of Aspria."

What our Aspria expert says:

When Marie came to see us, it was evident her hectic lifestyle was affecting her wellbeing. Once we agreed her specific goals, we put together a weekly routine to suit her needs. We prescribed some group exercise classes for those days where motivation is low, or she is short on time, but also Spa treatments to help her fully unwind.
We also recommended bringing a friend along to maintain her enthusiasm and add a little fun to her fitness and relaxation routine. Personal training is also important for a ‘train smart guide’ and helping her de-stress after a long day at work. All these elements will have a continued positive impact on Marie's biological age, which is a reflection of her overall health.

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