Data Protection Notice

Trusted for over 30 years, the team behind Aspria has always undertaken to serve its members with integrity, respect and professionalism. These high standards of privacy ensure our members feel safe, secure and supported. They also ensure that we can enhance our members’ Health & Wellbeing experience at our Clubs and provide them with an unmatched level of quality. It’s just one more reason why they stay with us longer than any other club company.

We therefore process your personal data solely in accordance with statutory provisions: Art. 12 and 13 EU GDPR.

1. Objective And Controller

2. Collection, Processing And Use Of Personal Data

3. Collection Of Personal Data Through Use Of The Contact Form

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6. Processing Personal Data For Contractual Purposes &

7. Inclusion Of Third-Party Services And Content

8. Electronic Messages

9. Use Of Cookies

10. Analysis Services

11. Your Rights

12. Data Security

13. Amendments To Data Protection Policy