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How to boost your immune system

A varied diet, good quality sleep, regular and moderate physical activity and consistent stress management require some discipline, but they should not necessarily become a chore. The key to turning these into your daily habits is to make them enjoyable.

While the global health crisis is disrupting our daily activities, Brian Morris, CEO and co-founder of the Aspria Group, reinforces the strategic choices he has made: not to limit the Aspria vision to fitness, but to focus on health, wellbeing and physical activity for all ages. "Thanks to regular and careful monitoring by our coaches as well as the Aspria Pro service, we encourage our members every day to take care of themselves and, in particular, to boost their immunity. In these uncertain times and faced with a crisis like that of covid-19, we realize, more than ever, that health is essential and that being in good shape is an extraordinary asset in the fight against viruses and diseases, physical worries as well as old age. This crisis has shown that taking care of yourself is essential - and that is what Aspria encourages everyone to do on a daily basis. "

Besides their wellbeing services and facilities, Aspria Clubs also benefit from impeccable cleanliness thanks to enhanced hygiene protocols, and an app enabling members to book Club activities online – thus ensuring a safe number of visitors is maintained in any given area at all times. Members are invited to strictly adhere to the safety and hygiene rules implemented, and they do appreciate them.

Brigitte, 59, is a member of the Aspria Royal La Rasante Club. Discover Brigitte's full testimonial below.

Virus & immunity

We are all now suffering the consequences of the uncontrolled spread of a virus, SARScov2, which emerged from its animal reservoir host, the bat (with which it coexisted) – and went on to infect humans.

But what is a virus? And what is an immune system? Nathan Clumeck, Professor Emeritus of Infectious Diseasesgives you some explanations.

If you also want to cater effectively to your health and strengthen your immune system, experience how Aspria membership can improve your lifestyle - in the safety of a thoroughly regulated space dedicated to your holistic wellbeing.                                         
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