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Latest Club Updates

Our tennis and padel facilities are open between 10am - 8.30pm for competitive athletes, with FIT (Italian Tennis Federation) AGONIST card and participants in national tournament.

Amateurs are welcome for outdoor play.

From 23rd February it will once again be possible to book the following spa services:

• Aesthetic face-body treatments

• Massages

• Cryotherapy sessions

• Osteopathy

• Kinesiology

• Medical visits for certificates of fitness for sporting activity

Please call reception on 02 45 28 61 to book a spa service. 

We continue to stand by our Members of all ages, providing online sessions focusing on physical and mental wellbeing, thus maintaining the strong sense of community our beloved Club is known for.

As always, we will remain by your side in case of any upcoming changes, as per further indications received from local authorities.