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Unveiling the 6 Trends Shaping Fitness and Wellbeing in 2024

Unveiling the 6 Trends Shaping Fitness and Wellbeing in 2024


As we move into an uncertain 2024, life might feel challenging. Perhaps looking after your own wellbeing is harder than it was. Perhaps it feels like less of a priority. But it’s clear, looking to the year ahead, that your health – mental and emotional as well as physical – should be high on the agenda. If we don’t look after ourselves, how can we look after each other? Here’s what wellbeing might look like in 2024.

1. Holistic Wellness Shift:

Wellness in 2024 will become more holistic than ever. A 360° approach which places equal emphasis on mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health. It’s the idea that all-round wellness comes as much from emotional stability and a sense of purpose as your physical strength or fitness. Whether you’re in the spa relaxing, building social connections in the club or a stronger body in the studio, you’re nourishing your health from every angle.

2. Mental Health Revolution:

In 2024, we’ll see further evidence that mental health is the foundation of overall health. You’ll become aware of your 'Psychological Fitness,' an idea supported by scientific research, affirming the positive impacts of mindfulness and meditation, as well as physical activities like swimming and working out, in improving mood, reducing anxiety and coping with stress. These practices form a daily part of club life, along with spa facilities dedicated to rest and relaxation. We design Aspria clubs to reduce friction for members, bringing together facilities for relaxation, fitness, children’s activities and telework in one place to reduce stressful logistics.

3. Personalised Wellbeing:

Over the coming year, the boom in wearable tech will continue, with more devices entering the mainstream, but also evolving to generate more sophisticated heath data that will inform wellbeing programmes. Our AspriaPro Health consultants can track a large variety of data from blood and nutritional markers to physiological responses to stress and movement analytics, which means they can make targeted recommendations based on individual goals, physiology, lifestyle and preferences. It’s the most comprehensive assessment of its kind in Europe.

4. Expert Guidance

Knowledge is power… but only in the right hands. As technology continues to reshape our approach to wellbeing in 2024, we’ll also become more aware that, without informed interpretation, data generated by our favourite health apps, wearables, telehealth and AI-powered solutions can be ineffective or, at worst, misleading. We still need the experts to guide us. If you’re a fan of wearables, and want to know how they can generate and interpret data that will help your workouts and wellbeing, the expert team at Aspria is on hand to help.

5. Bringing People Together

It’s not news that people who are more socially connected are happier, healthier and live longer than those who are aren’t. But in the aftermath of a global pandemic which separated us all from our support networks, the World Health Organisation has just launched its first Commission for Social Connection, making loneliness a global health priority. Your Aspria club is a hub of numerous communities around sports like tennis, group exercise, leisure and relaxation, social events, communal spaces and cultural programming. So whatever your passion, you can always find your people.

6. The Value of Recovery

Recovery is booming. And no longer just for the top athletes. From massage guns to hot and cold therapies, workout recovery tools are becoming an increasingly popular way to reduce muscle soreness and prevent injury after training. However, the surge in technology availability has outpaced the provision of connected services, so Aspria is working on the introduction of additional recovery solutions across club fitness areas and spas. We are also considering how we can further harness our pools as therapeutic spaces and further exploring the influence of water on your wellbeing.

While trends give us a good sense of the shape of wellbeing in 2024, our focus at Aspria remains simple for the year ahead: it’s you and your wellness. Day to day, this might look like a realistic exercise regime that you actually enjoy, taking time for recovery, relaxing in the spa, socialising on the tennis court or harnessing health data so you can stop illness before it starts. Whatever wellbeing means for you in 2024, we’ll support you all the way.