Club Safety Italy

Keeping you safe 

Keeping you safe 

As part of the new normal, some additional health and safety measures will accompany your visits to our Clubs. This will help us ensure your wellbeing, while complying with government guidelines.

To access the Club, it is mandatory to book your activity and present yourself with your signed consent form, whereby you agree to respect our health and safety measures. To book please call or use the myAspria App.

Spa treatments: 02 4528 641

Restaurant: 02 45 28 661

Tennis | Padel: 02 45 28 61

Business Station: 02 45 28 661

Pool | Fitness Area | Classes: myAspria App

Please see below to find out what this means for your visit to your Club and download a consent form

As standard 

Your wellbeing and that of our staff is our top priority. We are going beyond government requirements to implement stringent hygiene and social distancing measures to ensure members can train and relax in complete safety. 

Two females sitting and standing on poolside looking out onto the lake

Your wellbeing is our top priority 

Please ensure you only visit us if you are feeling healthy

Before your visit 

Some things to remember when visiting your club 

Health, safety and hygiene in the club 

Some simple ways to keep yourself and others safe 

Individual club areas 

Specific guidance on different parts of the club and your membership. 

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