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2 excellent Fitness studios in Hamburg

Aspria Hamburg clubs offers an unrivalled fitness experience

Raise your fitness to new heights at an Aspria gym in the great city of Hamburg, Germany. From group classes to children’s classes, sports activities and sauna’s and spa treatments – you can find it all at Aspria Hamburg. Get your yoga, cardio or swim session on now. Whether it be sport fitness or your own health and wellness, we’ve got you covered.

Join Aspria Hamburg Uhlenhorst or Aspria Hamburg Alstertal now and feel at home. You won’t regret it. Both facilities are state of the art and cater to you as an individual. The restaurants serve delicious, healthy food so you can eat right while you train right.

Contact or visit us at one of our health and wellness facilities to make the best move of your life. Discover the perks of membership as you get fit, stay fit and focus on your health and wellness.

Increase motivation

Exercising in a group is more motivating, especially for new members.

Aspria Hamburg Alstertal

Aspria Hamburg Alstertal is the Club for Fitness, Tennis, Wellness and Spa for the whole family.

Enjoying a relaxed and friendly atmosphere in the green north of Hamburg.

Rehagen 20
22339 Hamburg

Membership: +49 40 520190-875

Aspria Hamburg Uhlenhorst

Aspria Hamburg Uhlenhorst offers professional fitness training, tennis, spa and wellness in a class of its own.

Enjoy exclusive ambiance on 18.000 m².

Hofweg 40
22085 Hamburg

Membership: +49 40 899550-110

Aspria Hamburg Alstertal

From tennis to relaxation to good food – the Aspria Alstertal facility has it all.

Up your game with tennis lessons for the whole family – year round, with indoor facilities. Enjoy a group session in an expertly led fitness studio. With over 160 classes available, you’ll find something for you – no matter your fitness level. Create memories by the pool or enjoy a workout in the gym.

A personal trainer will help you get the most from your workout by providing you with a tailor-made programme. Take a dip in the pool or purify yourself with a sauna or steam room session. Relax in the spa with therapeutic and beauty treatments from our expert spa staff. Whatever you need, Alstertal is your one-stop spot for fitness, health and wellness. Be the best you can be and bring the family along for the journey, with Aspria Hamburg Alstertal.


Aspria Hamburg Alstertal
Rehagen 20
22339 Hamburg



Monday - Friday: 06.30-23.00
Weekends: 08.00-22.00
Holidays: 08.00-22.00


Take your first step

Aspria Hamburg Uhlenhorst

Aspria’s Uhlenhorst modern spa and beautiful hotel in Hamburg, Germany caters to your needs.

Aspria’s Uhlenhorst Spa and hotel in Hamburg, Germany caters to your needs – from the beautiful hotel to the modern spa. The grand hotel features 46 stunning rooms and two exclusive suites. So you can stay in luxury while getting pampered. Get a relaxing massage, Unwind in the sauna or steam room or take a break from being pampered and enjoy a round of tennis on one of our fine courts, indoor or outdoor (depending on the weather).

Hit the gym with a personal trainer or take part in a motivating group session. Get one of several beauty or therapeutic treatments at the modern day spa which will leave you glowing and feeling good.

Whatever your preference, Aspria Hamburg Uhlenhorst spa and hotel has your health and wellness covered. Get your fitness back on track. Restore the balance in your life. Book your stay or book a tour of one of the best health and wellness facilities in the city now and discover your second home. Whether you’re on business or pleasure.


Hofweg 40
22085 Hamburg


Membership: +49 40 899550-110
Reception: +49 40 899550-0
Spa: +49 40 899550-130
Academy: +49 40899550-136
Hotel Reservation: +49 40 89 95 50 190


Monday - Friday: 06:30-23:00
Weekends: 08:00-22:00
Holidays: 08:00-22:00

Fitness studio training sessions

Group sessions are great for staying motivated along with like-minded individuals.

Categories to choose from include High Energy, Strength & Conditioning, Mind & Body, and Dance and all training sessions take place in air conditioned studios with sports padded floors to minimize injury and maximize comfort. Whatever your fitness level, there are fitness studio sessions that are right for you. Get your fitness to the next level with Aspria Hamburg.

Individual programmes

If a fitness studio class isn’t right for you, you can enlist the help of one of our expert trainers to help you on the road to fitness.

Join the club, and with a tailor-made exercise programme for you, you’ll soon find yourself in great shape using our gym. Top of the range exercise equipment allow you to get the best workout possible, and the spa is always there for when you need to unwind after a hard day’s training.

Aqua & Swimming

Our four magnificent indoor and outdoor pools in the heart of Hamburg are famous throughout the city.

As one of the most effective forms of exercise, swimming is superb for cardio, toning, flexibility and building muscle. It’s also brilliant for those recovering from an injury or older people, as the water supports the entire body weight.

Our wide range of pool-based activities use the natural resistance and buoyancy of water to provide a low-impact, full-body workout that’s suitable for all levels of fitness. Classes include Aqua Workout, Swimming Technique and Aqua Power.

As one of the most effective forms of exercise, swimming is superb for cardio, toning, flexibility and building muscle. It’s also brilliant for those recovering from an injury or older people, as the water supports the entire body weight.


Aqua every day

There are aqua classes every day in every Aspria club.


Stunning outdoor and indoor tennis courts

A combination of excellent facilities, expert training and organised matches makes the Aspria Hamburg clubs the places to play tennis in the city. 

We offer a variety of ways to improve your form, from individual or group lessons to free games, as well as the Aspria League, a partner-switching competition where men and women play at their own skill level in a structured league from Beginners up. Our professional trainers can professionally assess your tennis level in an individual appointment on request.


The number of participants in our tennis program, leading up to the Aspria Cup.

Top-class facility for the kids

We at Aspria believe that family comes first. Children are the most precious things to the family man, and we understand that.

We also know that you need your own time, and it’s not always easy to trust others with your children. With us you can bring them along with you to your spa, gym or sports session. From the age of 8 weeks right into their teens, children can benefit from our class programme for children. Inline skating, hockey, balet, water sports and swimming lessons – whatever their interest, there’s bound to be a class they’ll enjoy. We’ll take care of your kids for up to 3 hours a day in a completely separate area.

There are age-appropriate toys, sleep and cuddle courts, special children’s toilets and changing rooms and more. So when you need some “me-time”, you can rest assured we have your (and your little one’s) best interests at heart.

Relaxation is key to health and wellness

We often forget to relax. The impact this can have on our bodies can harm our overall health.

It’s important to unwind when we can and at Aspria Hamburg, it’s easy to relax. Prime location and expert staff mean that you can get the massage or treatment you deserve while enjoying a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Expert massages help to soothe sore muscles and allow you to hit the gym again sooner. The sauna and steam rooms will further help to relax your muscles while purifying your skin. Get to your best fitness levels ever with the help of Aspria Hamburg.

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It’s easy to see why Aspria should be a part of your life. With two fantastic clubs in Hamburg; friendly, expert staff and a stunning hotel to make you feel at home. Get in touch with us today to secure membership, or book a tour and see our facilities for yourself. You’ll be in good hands always at Aspria.

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