Latest Club Updates

Temporary Closure Period (2/11 – 30/11)

Member Loyalty Credits – Terms & Conditions

  • Member loyalty credits are only applicable if membership subscriptions have been continuously paid (not frozen or in debt) during the Club closure period.
  • The calculation of loyalty credits will be based on the Original Monthly Equivalent Rates x 125% x Period of Club Closure.

Monthly Payers

  • Member loyalty credits will be applied to your membership over 3 consecutive months, resulting in a discount in your membership subscriptions over the same period.
  • Membership subscription credits will start from the first of the month which is at least 4 weeks after the Club re-opening date. E.g. If the Club re-opens on 20th November, your membership subscription credits will start on 1st January until 31st March.
  • No refunds of the member loyalty credits will be given.
  • If the membership has been subsequently terminated during the period of credit, any outstanding loyalty credits will offset against the final month’s payment.

Advanced Membership Payments: Annual, 2-Year & 5-Year

  • The member loyalty credit will extend existing membership contract by the days of closure x 125%. Any whole-month extensions will be added to the end of the existing membership contract. For any part-month element, the credit will be used to either;

    i)  In the case of a member renewing, reduce the following annual payment, or
    ii)  In the case of a member terminating, extend the length of membership.