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How to boost your immune system


Immunity is our body's ability to defend itself against external aggressions – viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites or even a foreign body such as a splinter or a transplanted organ – and internal attacks, such as cancers. An outstanding communication network is implemented by our body to protect its integrity: certain cells like white blood cells, molecules such as antibodies, and organs like the spleen - coordinate to respond to different threats.

If you would like to learn more, Professor Nathan Clumeck, Professor Emeritus of Infectious Diseases at ULB, takes the time to explain to us in detail what viruses and immunity are.

“The idea of boosting immunity is appealing, but the possibility of actually achieving that is difficult”, he remarks. “Nevertheless, multiple studies have been able to demonstrate a correlation between a healthy lifestyle and optimal immunity. This results in a significant decrease in infectious events, inflammatory diseases or cancer”.

Such a lifestyle consists of participating in regular physical activity, having a healthy diet, maintaining an ideal body weight, not consuming tobacco, drinking alcohol in moderation, and getting enough sleep.

To these recommendations we can add simple actions such as washing your hands and vaccinating -actions that prepare the immune system against a series of particularly virulent and potentially fatal pathogens.



“These group lessons have allowed me to regain my mental and physical health. For 14 years, I no longer go to the doctor.

Brigitte, 59, member of the Aspria Royal La Rasante Club


Proactively taking care of your health on a daily basis improves your immunity - and vice versa. Aspria experts analyse factors that influence the resilience of our immune system.


Given its vision to enable living life well, Aspria isn't just about fitness. Our Clubs are spaces dedicated to health and wellbeing, catering to all ages. In these uncertain times, we realize more than ever that health is essential and that being in good shape is an extraordinary asset. This health crisis shows that taking care of yourself is essential and this is what Aspria encourages everyone to do on a daily basis.

Besides their wellbeing services and facilities, Aspria Clubs also benefit from impeccable cleanliness thanks to enhanced hygiene protocols, and an app enabling members to book Club activities online – thus ensuring a safe number of visitors is maintained in any given area at all times. Members are invited to strictly adhere to the safety and hygiene rules implemented, and they do appreciate them.



“I love coming back to Aspria. There is a friendly atmosphere, plus sports and business, all of which I find here at Aspria."

Patrick, 64, member of the Aspria Avenue Louise Club

Regular and moderate physical activity, a varied and balanced diet, good quality sleep and consistent stress management require some discipline, but they should not necessarily become a chore. The key to turning them into daily habits is having an enjoyable time doing it. And every Aspria expert is there to encourage members in this process.



“I find that sport changes your life. It is a wellbeing factor."

Elisa, 38, member of the Aspria Arts-Loi Club

If you also want to cater effectively to your health and strengthen your immune system, experience how Aspria membership can improve your lifestyle - in the safety of a thoroughly regulated space dedicated to your holistic wellbeing.

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