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Family is close to us at Aspria. We believe in enabling families to spend quality time together, promoting fitness and sporting prowess, and enabling healthy development in young people. We also realise the importance of children becoming independent and parents needing time to themselves to take care of their own wellbeing.

Our award-winning Academy programme is the answer. Aiming to boost children’s physical performance, confidence and social skills, it also gives parents time to themselves as our junior and adult class times are synchronised.

Our club also features many other services and spaces to keep small people happy and give their parents time to breathe.

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Aspria Academy

Our dedicated children’s programme exposes junior members to a culture of health and wellbeing from an early age.

At Aspria, we believe in offering stimulating activities and tailored courses for kids to develop their sporting ability, alongside a range of other skills including confidence, self-esteem and people skills.

Our award-winning Aspria Academy programme for 0-17 year-olds provides a strong foundation for healthy development in young people. Juniors can choose from an array of different sports, exploring and testing themselves in the company of people their own age, while being supervised by highly-qualified childcare experts.

Most popular are our children's swimming lessons that cater for all levels, from those learning to swim for the first time through to those wanting to improve their technique and performance. Our expert qualified trainers will gently guide your child towards achieving their goals and fulfilling their potential.

The times of our junior activities and classes are synchronised with adult classes, helping parents enjoy their leisure time too.

Aspria Baby (0-2 years old)

Developing essential motor skills through targeted activities.

Aspria Academy’s youngest members are encouraged to engage with their environment using all their senses, progressing essential motor skills. The wide range of classes are designed to benefit each area of your baby’s development through fun, engaging games.
We encourage little ones to explore the world around them through a series of exciting group activities that advance social skills through constant interaction, helping them learn how to communicate and play harmoniously together. We also offer dedicated swimming classes where parents can introduce babies to the water in a safe, controlled environment, helping them build confidence.

As routine is important for this age group, we provide a safe, structured environment that promotes feelings of independence and self-confidence.

Aspria Mini (3-5 years old)

Building strong foundations for healthy development.

Our Mini children learn and develop essential physical, creative, personal and social skills. Our activities and care are both fun and engaging, encouraging exploration, experimentation and social behaviour. 

Aspria Junior (6-8 years old)

Team activities for cognitive and physical development.

At this stage, Aspria Academy provides a wide variety of sports, games and educational activities that develop children’s cognitive and physical abilities. We educate children about health and wellbeing, encouraging self-confidence and independence while using team activities to help develop positive interaction with their peers.

Aspria Junior + (9-11 years old)

Driving physical aptitude and teamwork.

Children of this age are developing their own likes and dislikes, so we can help them explore what interests them best. Our classes continue to combine achievement and teamwork with fun and focus, while preparing children for more advanced activities.

Aspria Teen (12-13 years old)

Building confidence and developing skills.

Our teenage members have specific needs as they progress towards adulthood, and our expert coaches use our club’s facilities to best challenge and develop their skills to a higher level.

This age group needs an increased focus on building self-esteem, confidence and a positive body image, which is particularly important and relevant at this stage.

Aspria Teen+ (14-15 years old)

Aiding the transition from child to adult.

Our programmes are focused on the young person’s specific goals and needs ranging from general fitness and wellbeing and sport specific training/guidance. We understand that activity and exercise can help young people’s self-esteem, confidence and even their academic results in the school classroom.

Aspria Evolution (16-17 years old)

Supporting the transition to adulthood.

At the last stage of the Aspria Academy, we consolidate everything we have taught our young members to prepare them for their wellbeing journey into adult life. We introduce the club’s adult facilities, showing how to use fitness equipment in a safe and effective way, and integrating them into group classes such as aerobics, martial arts, functional training and cardio.

The Academy programme at this stage continues to drive self-discipline, personal motivation and independence with the team’s support.

Explore our range of Academy classes for junior members

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Parents can take time out knowing that their youngster is well taken for in our dedicated child-minding area.

Our crèche offers a first-class child-minding space for those two months to six years old. Our highly qualified childcare experts supervise and care for children, providing a stimulating atmosphere of fun activities and games.

It’s the perfect way for parents to enjoy their leisure time at the club, knowing that the youngsters are safe and supervised.

Holiday camps

Our children’s camps provide a fun and stimulating experience for junior members, where they can expand their interests and learn new skills.

Tailored to 3 to 13 year olds, our camps take place every school holiday and offer a fantastic way to help young members and their guests keep active, make friends and learn new skills in a fun and safe environment.

Run by a fully trained team to provide high quality care and a varied programme of activities, with sports-specific and activity courses available. All camps are age-specific to ensure children are fully engaged and active throughout the day.

We offer a full range of activity camps to cater for a wide range of children and interests, including:

  • Multi-sport camps
  • Sport-specific camps
  • Specific activities, such as arts, crafts and games
  • Intensive swimming courses
  • Teen workout bootcamps

We also arrange special events for children, including day trips, parties, themed activities and age-specific courses.

See our Holiday Camps brochure or book an Aspria camp on +49 30 8906888-35.

Birthday Parties

The themed parties we create for junior members mix fun activities, great food and a touch of magic.

For a special birthday party, Aspria Berlin Ku'damm provides the perfect space for an unforgettable occasion. Our team of party planners create children's celebrations to be remembered, with a range of themes that include water games, mini disco, football, hip-hop class and many more. Or we can work with you to create a completely unique theme tailor-made to your child.

We can provide all the essentials, from a personalised cake and balloons to presents – as well as plenty of games, activities and magic!