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At Aspria, we approach our members’ health and wellbeing from a totally holistic point of view. We believe in looking at the complete person and their lifestyle, taking in fitness, nutrition, relaxation, stress levels, sleep patterns and genetic factors to help them define their wellbeing journey with us. Our exclusive Aspria Pro programme formalises the process with a unique wellbeing programme based on their personal wellness goals.

Our in-house fitness, nutrition and physiotherapy experts guide our members through the process every step of the way, giving them the tools to live life healthier.


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Aspria Pro

An exclusive member service developed by recognised authorities in exercise, nutrition and physiotherapy, which takes a holistic overview of your current state of health and overall lifestyle – and uses it to craft a personalised plan consistent with your goals.

Let our team of experts empower you to improve every aspect of your health and fitness with one comprehensive programme

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Eating well not only helps you feel great, train more effectively and look better, but brings a host of long-term benefits that enhance your life.

At Aspria, we look at each member’s lifestyle from many different points of view to assess how to best achieve ultimate wellbeing. One key area is nutrition, which affects every area of life: from enhancing your mood and appearance to strengthening the immune system and protecting you against degenerative disease.

Ingesting the right mix of proteins, carbohydrates, fat and fluids is essential to promoting long-term health, as well as maintaining a healthy body weight, increasing your energy levels and concentration, coping with stress and promoting a general sense of wellbeing.

In line with our commitment to enhancing wellness from every angle, we provide a healthy and nutritious menu in our Aspresso restaurant, prepared by chefs using high-quality, carefully sourced ingredients to maximise the goodness in every mouthful.


A highly skilled team of rehabilitation specialists help improve mobility, prevent pain and promote recovery.

Our team of in-house physiotherapists and osteopaths offer a range of specialised treatments that help people recover from injury or ongoing pain. From a suite of private treatment rooms, the therapists can help increase the range of movement in joints, muscles and bones, promoting a strong but flexible core, and boosting sports performance.