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When you step into the fitness areas of Aspria Berlin Ku’damm, you have everything you need to achieve peak wellbeing. With the finest-quality gym technology and equipment in Europe, a 25m training pool and the city’s most extensive array of group exercise classes, it’s all here.

Our personal trainers can push you to achieve results quicker, tailoring your training to your goals, whether to improve your posture, flexibility for tennis, weights or cardio. And our fitness instructors can get you moving in classes that vary from high-energy aerobics to pilates and the Iron Work whole-body barbell session.

For the protection of our members, we adapted our comprehensive weekly class schedule to meet governmental guidelines, and we reorganised our training areas to comply with safe social distancing and sanitation rules. Members can use the myAspria app to book their access to our fitness areas or to their favourite class, and enjoy their workout in complete safety. We also have a varied online schedule available to complement in-Club sessions - which members can enjoy from the comfort of their home.

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hours of group exercise classes each week, from high-energy to relaxation.

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Fitness zones

The extensive training areas at Aspria Berlin Ku’damm make it a fantastic place to work out with the most advanced gym equipment.

With an impressive 10,000m2 of fitness zones, our club’s wide range of cutting-edge training equipment is designed to vary your routine, whether you focus on cardio, flexibility or strength.

In luxurious, air-conditioned studios, we give you the tools to achieve your health and fitness goals, ranging from free weights and cardio machines to our innovative TribalFit high-intensity training. An inspiring, motivating and varied way of improving your fitness levels.

Check out our different zones:

TribalFit Zone

A high-intensity training zone equipped with barbells, skipping ropes, kettlebells, weights, rings and horizontal bars.

Based on a philosophy developed especially for Aspria Berlin Ku’damm, this cardiovascular training technique combines elements of gymnastics, sprinting, weightlifting and strengthening exercises, resulting in a challenging workout that ensures you push yourself to your full.

The zone has a wide range of equipment, as well as dynamic coaches to push you to your limits and beyond.

Power Plate & Miha Bodytec Zone

Build up your core muscles, while increasing flexibility and blood circulation to reduce cellulite. A training system that uses two types of innovative training equipment.

Power Plates generate multidimensional, mechanical vibrations that make the body work hard to maintain stability, offering an extremely effective way to improve core muscles, reduce cellulite and increase flexibility and blood circulation. A 25-minute session can have the same impact as 1.5 hours of cardio training. Miha Bodytec is an electrical muscle stimulation training technique where special electrodes contract the body’s deep stabilising muscles in an effective full-body workout, leading to an increase in strength, endurance and muscle definition – and a reduction in cellulite, weight and back pain. Power Plate & Miha Bodytec Zone build up your core muscles, while increasing flexibility and blood circulation to reduce cellulite.

Core & Stretch Zone

A large space with matting to perform a variety of stretching, breathing and core exercises.

Stretching helps increase your range of motion and general relaxation, while strengthening your core will increase flexibility, improve posture, minimise risk of injury, and reduce back pain and stress.

Cardio Zone

Improving your heart's health and reducing cholesterol and blood pressure, cardio exercise boosts energy and ensures a better night's sleep.

Our Cardio Zone has more than ten types of equipment that use the latest technology to monitor your heart rates and track your rate of activity, as well as providing internet and TV access to make working out even more enjoyable. An extremely effective way to lose weight and increase your metabolism.

Power Zone

Training with free weights increases muscle tone, strength and conditioning by using natural movements under resistance.

Our Power Zone features a wide selection of Technogym equipment, including the Pure Strength plate-loaded range that mimics using free weights to optimise each exercise, without the potential for strain or injury.

Group Exercise Classes

With more than 190 group exercise classes every week, Aspria Berlin Ku’damm is an inspiring place to keep fit.

Taking a group class is not just a good way of building stamina, flexibility and core strength; it also keeps you interested, focused and motivated, while making you use your body in different ways for a more effective workout.

Our instructors lead the sociable sessions in five bright, air-conditioned fitness studios with sports flooring to minimise injury, offering a blend of classes with aerobic, strengthening and calming techniques from tai chi and indoor cycling, yoga, pilates and aqua fitness to our TribalFit functional training concept.

Explore our varied range of group exercise classes:

I’ve been a member for over 10 years and I still love coming to Aspria. It has become such an integral part of my life.

Cynthia Barcomi-Friedman - Gastronomer, author of books, entrepeneur and TV star

Personal Training

A personal trainer can make a huge difference in accelerating your progress towards your health and fitness goals.

Whether you are slimming down for a big celebration, increasing your flexibility, adding muscle or toning, a one-to-one course with a personal trainer can get you to your fitness goals quickly and efficiently.

At Aspria Berlin Ku'damm, our 50 professional trainers will create a bespoke training programme for you, then supervise your gym workouts to help motivate and challenge you to achieve your fitness goals. They show you how to use our fitness equipment more effectively, guiding you through optimum nutrition and developments in wellbeing research.

With a personal trainer, you are 30% more likely to achieve your goals; to achieve optimal results get the support from our experts.


Aspria Berlin Ku’damm’s magnificent swimming pool is a superb place to spend training or leisure time.

Renowned throughout the city, our magnificent 25m four-lane pool offers the opportunity to push your cardio, improve your technique, relax with the family or choose from a wide range of group aqua classes.

As water is far denser than air, swimming tones far more effectively than any cardio exercises on land, as well as strengthening the muscles, and improving joint mobility and flexibility. A low-impact exercise you can determine the pace of, it is excellent for mature club members, pregnant women and people recovering from injuries.

Our expert instructors lead group swimming classes in a calm and private setting, where you can expect to burn between approximately 400-500 calories per class.