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Sports & Fitness

Aspria Royal La Rasante offers members a huge range of sports programmes, fitness facilities and training expertise to get everyone moving, control their weight or gain more energy – whatever the aim is. From exceptional tennis courts and cutting-edge gym equipment to a stunning training pool and team of expert personal trainers, you can find the right activity, class or course to suit you.

For the protection of our members, we adapted our comprehensive weekly class schedule to meet governmental guidelines, and we reorganised our training areas to comply with safe social distancing and sanitation rules. Members can use the myAspria app to book their access to our fitness areas or to their favourite class, and enjoy their workout in complete safety. We also have a varied online schedule available to complement in-Club sessions - which members can enjoy from the comfort of their home.

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Fitness zones

Aspria Royal La Rasante is one of the finest clubs in Europe, offering first-class gym facilities and a wide range of innovative training methods.

In leafy Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, our 15 different fitness zones are dedicated to a host of cutting-edge training techniques to vary your routine, whether your focus is on building strength, slimming down or toning up – along with cardio-burning group exercise classes in spacious, air-conditioned studios. Over the past two years we have invested more than €2.5 million into the club’s fitness and workout areas to offer 1,000m2 of the finest-quality training technology and equipment in Belgium. We aim to give you the most exceptional health and training experience, making every workout count.

Check out our different zones:

Power Zone

Free weights to increase muscle tone, strength and conditioning by using natural movements under resistance.

Our wide choice of Technogym equipment is ideal for boosting muscle mass, rehabilitating from injury or toning to enhance sports performance. We have also invested in a Pure Strength plate-loaded range that provides the feeling of free weights to optimise each exercise through an ergonomic and biomechanical design – but with none of the potential dangers of using free weights.

Functional Training

An intense, integrated technique that works the entire body and achieves real results.

Functional Training is a great technique to increase stamina, co-ordination, muscle strength, balance and agility for anyone of any ability. It’s ideal for improved sports performance, speed and athleticism, but equally good at maintaining fitness in more mature members.

Aspria Pro

A bespoke service designed to deliver exceptional improvement to your personal health and wellbeing.

A unique programme developed especially for us, Aspria Pro maps the clinical factors affecting your current state of wellbeing to create a tailor-made programme that helps achieve your wellbeing goals. Our experts examine every aspect of your wellbeing by analysing your stress factors, cardiovascular risk factors, your body composition and posture to help you improve your health and reduce your biological age.

Expert Zone

Our in-house experts and wide network of trusted partners give valuable advice and insights into every aspect of health and wellbeing.

Find out more about Aspria Royal La Rasante’s multi-disciplined team of experts and partners who can guide, monitor and inspire you to your personal wellbeing goal. We also work with the best world authorities, who provide research insights to develop our innovative products that ensure Aspria members can access the most effective holistic programmes in Belgium.

Sports Performance

An efficient way of working out that boosts cardio and helps you avoid training too hard.

This equipment mimics sporting activity to maximise cardiovascular sports performance while reducing the risk of over-training. The Polar Flow® system provides biometric feedback on your activity, sleep and training to optimise your sports and fitness routine.

Core & Stretch Zone

An ample space with matting to perform a variety of stretching, breathing and core exercises.

Stretching helps increase your range of motion and general relaxation, while strengthening your core will increase flexibility, improve posture, minimise risk of injury, and reduce back pain and stress.

Cardio Zone

Improving your heart's health and reducing cholesterol and blood pressure, cardio exercise boosts energy and ensures a better night's sleep.

Our Cardio Zone has more than ten types of equipment that use the latest technology to monitor your heart rates and track your rate of activity, as well as providing internet and TV access to make working out even more enjoyable. An extremely effective way to lose weight and increase your metabolism.

Strength Zone

Train using fixed resistance equipment to enhance your sports performance.

Put in the work and our Strength Zone will help boost muscle strength and tone, bone density and joint stability. The stylishly designed Technogym Selection line gives the best combination of easy use, comfort and effective training for all abilities.

Cable Zone

Progressive functional training designed around intuitive human movement.

The Kinesis equipment offers zero-impact exercises for all levels of fitness and ability, whether working on balance, strength or flexibility. Use it to improve your range of motion generally or target sports-specific movements to enhance your performance.  Kinesis FullGravity™ Technology is an innovative new system that allows you to move in three dimensions while providing resistance to every possible movement of the human body.

Vibration Training

Build up your core muscles, while increasing flexibility and blood circulation to reduce cellulite.

Vibration Training promotes faster recovery of damaged muscles and tendons, decreases pain and improves joint function – and is highly effective at toning the pelvic floor after childbirth. Our Galaxy machines give multidimensional, mechanical vibrations to work muscles harder in an effort to maintain stability on an unstable surface. It’s an extremely effective way to exercise, giving you a full body workout in only 30 minutes.

Group Cycling

A dynamic and challenging workout that boosts heart and lung efficiency, and increases calorie burn to promote fat loss.

Group cycling is a low-impact, high-energy class with many health benefits that include helping to lower cholesterol and blood pressure. We operate classes of different durations for all levels, whether you are looking to reduce stress, enhance your sleep patterns or boost your energy levels during the day.

We use Startrac cycles and a Polar Flow® system to give an additional biometric dimension that makes classes more physically and socially engaging.

Milon Circle & Kinesis Zone

Two pioneering techniques that offer intensive, focused and quick training circuits.

The revolutionary Milon Circle system blends cardio and strength training in an intensive 35-minute circuit that strengthens muscles by 30% more than other workouts, as well as burning fat 15 times faster. A safe, time-effective total conditioning programme for faster results in a shorter time.

The Kinesis system offers state-of-the art resistance cable exercise equipment, designed to challenge all areas of your body. The four station circuit combines cardio, strength and flexibility in a 30-minute workout, building strength, muscular endurance, balance and co-ordination.

Tone Zone

Firm up, sculpt and promote a leaner physique in our Tone Zone.

This discreetly positioned area contains a range of light dumbbells for gentle toning exercises. Providing an easy introduction to free weights, you can work at your own pace with a low risk of injury.


Aspria Royal La Rasante is the perfect place to take your training outside, with a range of activities during the warmer months.

Our beautiful grounds in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert contain an outside fitness and exercise zone that is ideal for rowing, skipping and cycling, plus a range of functional and ballistic exercises.

Group Exercise Classes

We are famous for the quality and variety of our group exercise classes, which motivate and challenge members to push their fitness routine harder.

Group exercise classes vary movement in your workout routine to help challenge your body and build stamina, flexibility and core strength. Our exceptionally wide range of 150 weekly group classes embrace all forms of exercise, from stretching, pilates and AquaFit to Taiji Quan, Aero Flex and American jazz dance giving members an interesting programme to vary their fitness. Our highly qualified instructors host energised classes in bright air-conditioned studios with sports flooring to minimise injury. Sessions often end with a sociable coffee or juice in the café.

Choose from our group exercise categories:

Personal Training

Our team of one-to-one personal trainers can guide, encourage and challenge you to train more effectively in our fitness zones – and get the best from Royal La Rasante.

Our personal trainers develop bespoke programmes for members to best achieve whatever fitness goals they set themselves, whether to tone, build muscle, lose weight or recover from injury. Supervising your gym workouts motivates and challenges you to reach your full potential, our personal trainers measure your progress and continuously push you to achieve greater results than you would on your own. We can also arrange one-to-one training for triathlons and multidisciplinary sports.

An indispensable place for taking time out

Adrien Devyver


Aspria Royal La Rasante is one of Europe’s most outstanding tennis experiences, whether your focus is social or competitive, improving your service or your tactics.

At Aspria, we offer a dedicated Player Development Pathway System that caters for different ages and abilities, providing technique development, social tennis and competition in a sociable and fun setting. Members can advance through the three stages of the Pathway to develop their game: Aspria Learn, Play & Fun; Aspria Competition & Training; and the Aspria Adult tennis programme.

With seven outdoor courts (summer) and three covered ones (winter), our talented team of teachers is dedicated to improving tennis skills at all levels and ages. Intensive group and individual classes prepare members from beginners standard to club and inter-club competitions and tournaments, with regular activities throughout the year to strengthen play in a sociable setting. Whether you want a friendly volley at the weekend, want to improve your technique, or want to increase your control in match situations, our coaches can tailor their tuition to your goals.

Tennis is a great way to exercise as the constant moving about court, stretching to reach shots and changing of direction improves agility, flexibility and balance. The aerobic movement sees regular players becoming leaner, stronger and fitter, with a lower risk of heart disease, improved circulation and reduced blood pressure; it also improves co-ordination, increases focus and combines healthy competition with a social pastime.

For young players, our dedicated Academy programme offers the opportunity for 3–18 year-olds to progress their tennis skills with individual and group coaching. Developed by our team of tennis professionals and Paul Hutchins, the former Davis Cup player and Captain for Great Britain, the programme focuses on developing key skills at all stages of development, from promoting hand-eye co-ordination in our youngest members right up to improving tactical play to competition standard on holiday tennis courses for older players.

Explore our award-winning Academy programme for 0-18 year-olds.

Paul Hutchins MBE (1945-2019)

A leading figure in the establishment and development of our Tennis Academy, Paul Hutchins MBE was a former Davis Cup player and Captain for Great Britain from 1975 to 1987.

As the longest serving British Davis Cup captain, he was in charge of 31 matches over 13 years, making his name for his management skills and diplomacy needed to handle some highly volatile players.

Paul subsequently set up his own tennis management, marketing and sponsorship company and worked closely with the LTA and the All England Club, setting up the Performance Club Programme to fund the best clubs in the UK and establishing the junior Road To Wimbledon scheme, which has seen 15,000 children participating.


Aspria Royal La Rasante’s magnificent indoor training pool is the perfect place to work on your technique, whether on your own, with the family or in a group class.

Swimming is one of the most effective forms of exercise, as it strengthens muscles and the cardiovascular system while improving joint mobility and flexibility. As water is 12 times as dense as air, it supports the entire body’s weight and puts less pressure on your joints than other higher-impact activities. Swimming also allows you to exercise at your own pace, is more gentle in movement than other sports which results in fewer injuries, it supports breathing and helps you get a better night’s sleep.

For the serious swimmer, there is nothing to match the experience of long lengths in our 25m pool, while adults wishing to improve can opt for one of the aqua classes. They help burn 400-500 calories in each low-impact class, making them well-suited for mature members, pregnant women, or those recovering from accidents or surgery. We are also the first in Belgium to launch the innovative WATFIT fitness class on water, using yoga and pilates movements in an intense cardio session that builds muscle and core strength. Alternatively, you can simply relax with friends and family in our smaller indoor leisure pool, complete with blissfully comfortable sun loungers.

Children are well catered for at Aspria Royal La Rasante with a dedicated indoor pool and a host of Academy group swimming classes or individual lessons to build confidence, ability and technique. In fact, every year, more than 1000 children take to the water and learn to swim at our Aspria club.

All our group and individual swimming classes are accredited to an award scheme, ensuring juniors can develop their skills through the award-winning Academy programme for junior members.