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We pride our members’ wellbeing above everything, from fitness and flexibility to nutrition and relaxation.

At Aspria the emphasis is on you as an individual, which is why all our training programmes are unique and personal to you, enabling you to achieve your wellbeing goals.

Our unique Aspria Pro holistic approach assesses everything from fitness and nutrition to sleep patterns, relaxation and outlook, before developing a bespoke programme to focus your mind on your end wellbeing goal.

It’s this approach to wellbeing that makes Aspria stand out from all others.

Aspria Pro

An exclusive member service developed by recognised authorities in exercise, nutrition and physiotherapy, which takes a holistic overview of your current state of health and overall lifestyle – and uses it to craft a personalised plan consistent with your goals.

Let our team of experts empower you to improve every aspect of your health and fitness with one comprehensive programme


At Aspria, our holistic approach to wellness addresses nutrition as the fuel for feeling, looking and performing your best.

Nutrition is one of the most essential components to wellness: it determines your energy levels, how your body copes with illness, your weight, your mental performance and sleep quality, among many other factors.

Selecting the right balance of proteins, carbohydrates and fluids is essential for good long-term health, as well as many shorter-term benefits, such as glowing skin, high levels of energy and concentration, and even a positive outlook on life.

To reflect our belief in the importance of nutrition, the chefs in our restaurant have devised a range of healthy dishes using carefully sourced ingredients to ensure food of the highest quality.


Our highly-trained physiotherapists offer specialist rehabilitation services that aid recovery and help prevent further injury.

Physiotherapy and osteopathy help restore mobility to those with injury, illness or disability. At Aspria, we offer a wide range of treatments that aid rehabilitation, deal with injury prevention and pain management, as well as maximising the range of movement in joints, muscles and bones to help maintain a strong and supple body.

No matter what is ailing you, our team is available to offer you friendly and professional advice and treatment, and help you maximise your wellbeing.

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