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At Aspria, we understand the importance of promoting health for families, as active and healthy children become healthy and active adults.

For our award-winning Academy programme, we have developed a wide range of activities, classes and camps for children to enjoy, as well as social events, birthday celebrations and comfortable restaurant areas for the whole family. Whether it’s boosting your child’s performance or making it easier to handle your pram in the car park, we’ve thought of everything.

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Aspria Academy

Our 0-17 year-olds’ programme provides a strong foundation for healthy growth in young people.

Aspria Academy is an ambitious children’s programme developed especially for us by experts in their field. Designed to inspire young minds and promote healthy development, we offer a wide range of educational and physical classes, courses and camps that focus on promoting key skills at different learning stages. All take place within our club, and allow children to explore, collaborate, socialise and extend their skillsets in a fun, engaging and safe space. We even host annual graduation ceremonies for children who attend our courses and activities, celebrating their successes and rewarding their progress.

All junior activities and classes are synchronised with our adult classes, allowing parents to pursue their own wellbeing interests while the children follow theirs.

Explore our targeted programme for different age groups

Classes for children from 0-17 years old

Aspria Baby

0-2 years old

Developing essential motor skills through targeted activities. Aspria Academy’s youngest members are encouraged to engage with their environment using all their senses, progressing essential motor skills and developing their social skills. We encourage the little ones to explore the world through constant interaction, helping them learn how to communicate and play harmoniously together.

Aspria Mini

3-5 years old

Building strong foundations for healthy development. Mini children learn and develop essential physical, creative, personal and social skills. Our activities and care are both fun and engaging, encouraging exploration, experimentation and social behaviour.

Aspria Junior

6-8 years old

Activities for cognitive and physical development. At this stage, Aspria Academy provides a wide variety of sports, games and educational activities that develop children’s cognitive and physical abilities. We educate children about health and wellbeing, encouraging self-confidence and independence while using team activities to help develop positive interaction with their peers.

Aspria Junior+

9-11 years old

Driving physical aptitude and teamwork. Children of this age are developing their own likes and dislikes, so we can help them explore what interests them best. Our classes continue to combine achievement and teamwork with fun and focus, while preparing children for more advanced activities.

Aspria Teen

12-13 years old

Building confidence and developing skills. Our teenage members have specific needs as they progress towards adulthood, and our expert coaches use our club’s facilities to best challenge and develop their skills to a higher level. This age group needs an increased focus on building self-esteem, confidence and a positive body image, which is particularly important and relevant at this stage.

Aspria Teen+

14-15 years old

Aiding the transition and independence from child to adult. Our programmes are focused on the young person’s specific goals and needs ranging from general fitness and wellbeing and sport specific training/guidance. We understand that activity and exercise can help young people’s self-esteem, confidence and even their academic results in the school classroom.

Aspria Evolution

16-17 years old

Supporting the transition to adulthood. At the last stage of the Aspria Academy, we consolidate everything we have taught our young members to prepare them for their wellbeing journey into adult life. We introduce the club’s adult facilities, showing how to use fitness equipment in a safe and effective way, and integrating them into group classes such as aerobics, martial arts, functional training and cardio. The Academy programme at this stage continues to drive self-discipline, personal motivation and independence with the team’s support.

Check out our superb range of children’s Academy classes:

Children’s facilities

We understand what parents need because we are parents too.

When you are in charge of children, a little help can make a big difference. As well as the junior courses that are carefully synchronised with adult classes, we have introduced many child-friendly facilities to our club to help make parents lives a little less stressed.

We have installed extra-wide car spaces to make manoeuvring prams easier, as well as family areas in the women's changing rooms to help get little ones ready, along with a tasty children’s menus and toys in the restaurant to keep small minds occupied.

And best of all, it’s all under one roof.

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Young members can have fun making new friends while being cared for by trained childminders.

The professional team in our fully equipped crèche offers a high level of care to children from 8 weeks old, as well as a range of toys and games to stimulate their imagination and promote positive interaction. It means parents can use the club’s facilities with total peace of mind, knowing the children are cared for.

Our crèche is open:
Monday - Friday: 8:30-12:30
Monday & Wednesday: 15:00-19:00
Tuesday, Thursday & Friday: 16:00-19:00
Saturday: 8:45-17:00
Sunday and public holidays: 9:45-17:00

Holiday camps

Keep youngsters active and learning new skills at our sports and activity camps.

Led by a fully trained team of child professionals, our camps are a fantastic way to broaden children’s interests and skills, while making new friends in a fun and safe environment. Catering for children from 3 to 13 years old, our camps run during every school holiday, and offer a varied programme of sports, swimming, arts, crafts and games, with a range of sports-specific and activity courses. Courses are all age-group specific to ensure children are fully engaged throughout the day.

We offer a full range of activity camps to cater for a wide range of children and interests, including:

  • Multi-sport camps
  • Sport-specific camps
  • Specific activities, such as arts, crafts and games
  • Intensive swimming courses
  • Teen workout bootcamps

Book an Aspria camp on +49 511 899797-40.

Birthday Parties

We will help make your child’s birthday one to remember by creating a magical day filled with fun activities.

Aspria Hannover Maschsee makes the perfect venue for a great celebration, with beautiful gardens, swimming pools, a lake and indoor event spaces. We can help you plan your ideal party with a range of themes that include water games, mini disco, football and hip-hop classes, with games and activities to suit the theme.

All our parties are led by qualified supervisors who make sure that all guests have a fantastic time, and we provide a beautiful personalised birthday cake, party food, decorations and presents to make party planning stress-free.