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At Aspria, helping our members live healthier, happier lives is at the heart of our business philosophy.

Being healthy is more than just lifting weights or taking an aerobics class. It is a balance of being active and eating nutritious food, relaxing, having a positive outlook, controlling stress and many other factors.

At Aspria, we take a holistic approach to health and wellbeing, taking into account all the different components that contribute to wellbeing and devising a unique programme to help each individual achieve optimum wellness – and get the most out of our club.

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Aspria Pro

An exclusive member service developed by recognised authorities in exercise, nutrition and physiotherapy, which takes a holistic overview of your current state of health and overall lifestyle – and uses it to craft a personalised plan consistent with your goals.

Let our team of experts empower you to improve every aspect of your health and fitness with one comprehensive programme


Good nutrition makes you feel energised and look glowing, but it also has far-reaching benefits that affect your physical and mental wellbeing.

Fuelling your body with nutritious food is the key to boosting your energy levels and achieving peak condition in your workouts and group classes. But more than that, a healthy diet can also enhance your mood, heighten your mental performance and strengthen your immune system.

At Aspria, we promote healthy eating as one of the keys to long-term health, helping the body repair and recover from illness, and ultimately protecting you later in life against degenerative diseases.

In the Aspresso restaurant and bistro, our chefs prepare healthy and nutritious dishes made from carefully sourced ingredients to promote exceptional nutrition, and help our members live life well.


Our physiotherapy and osteopathy specialists offer rehabilitation services in comfortable treatment rooms.

Physiotherapy and osteopathy help recovery from injury, illness or disability, using techniques that effectively manage pain and aid rehabilitation.

Our on-site physiotherapists offer a range of highly specialised treatments that include medical massage, manual therapy, trigger point and manual lymph drainage, which target specific conditions and restore movement and function.

Whether your goal is to improve your joint movement, speed recovery after surgery or maintain strength for increased sports performance, sessions with a physiotherapist can make a huge difference to improving your quality of life.

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