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Ondine Stenuit:

"An expectant mum who’s crazy about Aspria"

Well known for her adventures in the RTL TVI programme “De quoi je me mêle”, Ondine Stenuit has recently chosen to continue her journalistic travels in radio. From now on, she’ll be presenting a 100% Belgian programme every Sunday morning on the local service of Chérie.fm, a major French radio station. She explains: “I’m going to be with people as they wake up, but I’ll be gentle, I’ll do it in a very cool way. That’s my style!” Ondine’s about to become a mum, and she sat down with us for a few minutes to talk about her Aspria experience before, during and after her pregnancy.

“In the past, I tried to come to Aspria Arts-Loi 3 times a week. I felt good with that frequency! Since I’ve been pregnant, I haven’t come ‘more than’ twice a week. I try to stick to the same sports by making adaptations… It’s not easy!”

Demanding in her choice of Aspria: quality above everything

"My Aspria adventure started 3 or 4 years ago, when I finished working for ELLE and Elle.deco. After comparing what was on offer in Brussels, I was captivated by Aspria and particularly by its range of classes. I love the club’s chic side, but it was the quality of the classes that was really important for me. In that regard, I find Aspria is almost unparalleled. And there are so many different options! There are always new classes and I find that you’re always well supervised."


A particular taste for intense sports

"I started by alternating cycling with BodyPump. Then, once I’d tried functional circuits, I became a real fan of that. I find it less repetitive. I still tried to vary my exercise but that’s the activity I like best. In fact I really like classes which hurt and when someone calls over: “You can’t give up!”, “No, I’m not going to stop!”, all with my ears filled with techno music."

A new programme adapted to pregnancy

"At the beginning, I did some cycling, staying sensibly seated, and some functional training avoiding jumps and abdo exercises and making sure I didn’t get too out of breath because I’m breathing for two, after all. But in any case, the further on in the pregnancy, the less choice you have. You have to listen to your belly button… And my belly button told me to put my feet up. Aspria offers antenatal yoga sessions which were really good for me. These are the activities which really help you enjoy your pregnancy."


After the pregnancy, the aim is to get back in shape!

"Considering what I’m eating, my first goal should probably be to lose 15 kilos, because I’ve already put on 6 in 4 months. I’ll have some on my arms, and not just on my arms… Another goal will be to get back in shape. That really forms part of my equilibrium when it comes to doing sport. It’s a time for you, a gift you give yourself."

Impatient to enjoy her first experience of Aspria as a family

"Obviously every time I come to the club since I’ve been pregnant, I take a sneaky look in the crèche, telling myself that I’m actually being very practical! I want to introduce her to that, and I hope she’ll like sport!"

An instant release!

Marlène de Wouters