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To feel better, look better and perform better, it's important to take a holistic approach to your health. That's why, at Aspria, we promote every aspect of your wellbeing, from what you eat to how you exercise and relax, developing a personalised programme to enhance every aspect of your life.

Our teams of in-house nutrition and physiotherapy experts, personal trainers and relaxation therapists are on hand, with advice and insights into how to achieve your personal wellbeing goals.

At Aspria Brussels Arts-Loi, we are dedicated to giving the highest level of advice and guidance to help our members live life well.

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Eating the right food groups is essential for how you look and feel, as well as your mood, performance and long-term health.

Good nutrition is the foundation for every healthy person: it is crucial as a basis for the way you feel, look, perform and cope with life.

The right combination of proteins, carbohydrates and fluids in your diet is not only the fuel to power your body, but also supports the immune system, helps the body repair and recover from illness, and ultimately protects it against degenerative diseases later in life.


Personalised programmes

At Aspria, we are dedicated to finding the right combination of exercise, relaxation, nutrition and sleep to help you towards peak wellbeing.

On joining Aspria, our team of experts meet with you during a private consultation to assess your current wellness. From your physical condition to your mental state and health, they assess your sleep habits, stress levels, nutrition and how much time you currently spend relaxing to create a bespoke programme based on your own wellbeing goals.

This personalised programme will guide you in the the equipment you should use, the classes you should take and how you should eat and relax to achieve your wellbeing goals – and make the most of your Aspria membership.


Specialising in rehabilitation services to restore mobility, our team of physiotherapists can help manage pain and enhance performance.

Our in-house specialists offer a range of techniques that treat sports injuries, stress and muscular imbalance with the aim of maximising movement in the joints and muscles, especially the back, shoulders and hips.

Our physiotherapists can not only improve injury and long-term pain, but also develop strength and suppleness, leading to increased sports and training performance – as well as helping you live better outside the club.

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