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Good health is more than just working out or taking a few exercise classes a week. It’s about eating nutritious food, relaxation, genetics, sleep patterns and body type, among many other factors.

At Aspria, we assess each member’s individual profile in order to determine how they should best achieve optimum wellbeing. Our in-house nutrition and physiotherapy experts work alongside personal trainers and relaxation therapists to provide an outstanding offer to help you achieve your personal wellbeing goals.

At Aspria Avenue Louise, we provide the highest level of guidance from our wellbeing experts for a unique holistic approach to living life well.


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Nutrition is not only the fuel for your exercise routine, but is key to your appearance, mood, mental performance and long-term health.

In health circles, nutrition is often overlooked. At Aspria, we understand that it is crucial as a basis for the way you feel, look, perform and cope with life.

Taking the right balance of proteins, carbohydrates and fluids in your diet is vital for long-term health, as well as supporting the immune system, helping the body repair and recover from illness, and ultimately protect against degenerative diseases later in life.

Other benefits that optimal nutrition can bring include promoting glowing skin, boosting energy levels and focus, decreasing body weight and leading to an overall sense of wellbeing.

As part of our mission to promote wellbeing on every level, we provide complimentary food and drinks at the Aspria Avenue Louise Executive lounge. These healthy and nutritious dishes are created using carefully sourced ingredients to ensure food of the highest quality.

Personalised programmes

Your journey at Aspria begins with an initial wellbeing consultation to create a completely personalised programme.

As part of your club membership, our team of experts meet with you for an initial consultation to determine your current state of wellbeing; from your physical condition to your mental state and health, including your sleep habits, stress levels, nutrition and how much time you currently spend relaxing.

Following a review of your lifestyle, they create a bespoke programme based on your own personal wellbeing goals, advising how often you should use the club, which equipment you should use, recommending classes and giving nutritional advice. It’s this personal approach that helps you achieve your wellbeing goals and make the most of your Aspria membership.


In comfortable treatment rooms, our team of physiotherapists specialise in rehabilitation services to restore mobility.

We offer a wide range of treatments that help our members rehabilitate from an accident or injury, as well as helping to manage pain and prevent further injury. Our qualified team of physiotherapists and osteopaths specialise in maximising the range of movement in joints, muscles and bones and helping maintain a strong and supple body.

Our team is always available to discuss an ailment or injury and how to treat it, helping you achieve your ultimate wellbeing.


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