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Sports & Fitness

Aspria Brussels Avenue Louise offers the most exclusive space to get active, relax and enjoy your time.

A fundamental factor of feeling great is being active, and our unique mix of outstanding programmes, facilities, equipment and expertise is designed to get every club member on the move.

For the protection of our members, we adapted our comprehensive weekly class schedule to meet governmental guidelines, and we reorganised our training areas to comply with safe social distancing and sanitation rules. Members can use the myAspria app to book their access to our fitness areas or to their favourite class, and enjoy their workout in complete safety. We also have a varied online schedule available to complement in-Club sessions - which members can enjoy from the comfort of their home.

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people take a group exercise class at Aspria every week.

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Fitness zones

Experience the latest, most advanced fitness equipment to make your workouts more effective.

With 3,000m2 of the finest fitness equipment and technology, we aim to give you the tools to achieve your health and fitness goals. Our 8 wellbeing zones allow you to vary your routine and focus each workout to achieve the best results, as well as keeping you constantly motivated.

Discover each of our fitness zones:

Power Zone

Free weights to increase muscle tone, strength and conditioning by using natural movements under resistance.

Our wide choice of Technogym equipment is ideal for boosting muscle mass, rehabilitating from injury or toning to enhance sports performance. We have also invested in a Pure Strength plate-loaded range that provides the feeling of free weights to optimise each exercise through an ergonomic and biomechanical design – but with none of the potential dangers of using free weights.

Functional Training

An intense, integrated technique that works the entire body and achieves real results.

Functional Training is a great technique to increase stamina, co-ordination, muscle strength, balance and agility for anyone of any ability. It’s ideal for improved sports performance, speed and athleticism, but equally good at maintaining fitness in more mature members.

Core & Stretch Zone

An ample space with matting to perform a variety of stretching, breathing and core exercises.

Stretching helps increase your range of motion and general relaxation, while strengthening your core will increase flexibility, improve posture, minimise risk of injury, and reduce back pain and stress.

Expert Zone

Find out more about Aspria Avenue Louise’s multi-disciplined team of experts and partners who can guide, monitor and inspire you to your personal wellbeing goals.

We also work with the best world authorities, who provide research insights to develop our innovative products that ensure Aspria members can access the most effective holistic programmes in Belgium. Our experts examine every aspect of your wellbeing by analysing your stress factors, cardiovascular risk factors, your body composition and posture to help you improve your health and reduce your biological age.

Vibration Training

Vibration Training promotes faster recovery of damaged muscles and tendons, decreases pain and improves joint function – and is highly effective at toning the pelvic floor after childbirth.

Our Galaxy machines give multidimensional, mechanical vibrations to work muscles harder in an effort to maintain stability on an unstable surface. It’s an extremely effective way to exercise, giving you a full body workout in only 30 minutes.

Cardio Zone

Cardiovascular exercise is essential for promoting a healthier heart and general wellbeing.

As well as promoting the heart’s health through reducing cholesterol and blood pressure, cardio also improves endurance, increases the metabolism for weight loss and boosts energy levels during the day. Our carefully chosen, high-tech equipment helps maximise your cardio workout, with the Technogym range monitoring your heart rate and tracking your activity; they also feature internet and TVs to make working out more enjoyable.

Group Exercise Classes

Our weekly programme of 70 group classes offer a varied and fun way to keep you focused and motivated.

Group exercise classes are an ideal way to build stamina, flexibility and core strength, with a team of highly motivating instructors leading the sociable sessions in a bright, air-conditioned studio with sports flooring. The classes are categorised into High Energy, Strength & Conditioning, Mind & Body and Dance, offering the ideal way to vary your movement for a more effective workout. Choose between Swissball, CoreXpress, Rythmo Latino Dance and WATFIT®, Pilates and AquaFit.

Explore our varied range of group exercise classes:


Our one-to-one personal trainers can develop a varied programme that helps you reach your wellbeing goals.

Whatever your aim is, whether weight loss, muscle growth or toning, our expert personal trainers will make sure you attain it. Providing you with individual support and personalised advice, they guide, challenge and motivate you, creating a bespoke training programme and supervising your workouts to help you best use gym equipment and train more efficiently.

It’s the ideal way of achieving greater results than you would on your own: research shows that you are 30% more likely to achieve your goals with a personal trainer.


The swimming pool at Aspria Brussels Avenue Louise is one of the city’s great undiscovered gems.

Swimming is one of the most effective ways to exercise, strengthening the muscles and cardiovascular system, improving joint mobility and flexibility. As a low-impact exercise, it is excellent for mature club members, pregnant women and people recovering from injuries. Or you can just relax with friends.

Our tranquil indoor training pool is the ideal place to work on your swimming technique, either on your own or in one of our excellent group aqua classes, which can burn around 400-500 calories in each session. 

Never crowded, spending time in our 16m pool is one of the great pleasures of Aspria Avenue Louise.