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Aspria promotes health and wellbeing for all the family, with a range of award-winning programmes, courses and lessons that build physical, social and decision-making skills in a friendly, fun environment. But it doesn’t stop there: we also offer a range of other facilities aimed at making children’s and parents’ lives easier and more enjoyable, from special junior menus and activity-rich summer camps to planning a fun-filled birthday party for youngsters.

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Aspria Academy

Our 0-17 year-olds’ programme provides a strong foundation for healthy growth in young people.

Aspria Academy is an ambitious children’s programme developed especially for us by experts in their field. Designed to inspire young minds and promote healthy development, we offer a wide range of educational and physical classes, courses and camps that focus on promoting key skills at different learning stages. All take place within our club, and allow children to explore, collaborate, socialise and extend their skillsets in a fun, engaging and safe space. We even host annual graduation ceremonies for children who attend our courses and activities, celebrating their successes and rewarding their progress.

All junior activities and classes are synchronised with our adult classes, allowing parents to pursue their own wellbeing interests while the children follow theirs.

Aspria Baby

0-2 years old

Developing essential motor skills through targeted activities.Aspria Academy’s youngest members are encouraged to engage with their environment using all their senses, progressing essential motor skills. The wide range of classes are designed to benefit each area of your baby’s development through fun, engaging games.

We encourage little ones to explore the world around them through a series of exciting group activities that advance social skills through constant interaction, helping them learn how to communicate and play harmoniously together. We also offer dedicated swimming classes where parents can introduce babies to the water in a safe, controlled environment, helping them build confidence.

As routine is important for this age group, we provide a safe, structured environment that promotes feelings of independence and self-confidence.

Don’t forget to check out our Fit Mums and Fit Bumps classes for new mothers.

Aspria Mini

3-5 years old

Aspria Academy’s programme ensures that children learn and develop the physical, creative, personal and social skills essential at this stage through a range of engaging and fun classes.

Baby Fit and Rhythmic Gymnastics build strength and flexibility through bending and stretching, while Children’s Swimming introduces little ones to the water in a safe environment, building important physical and co-ordination skills.

All our classes help children release their energy in a controlled, safe environment, while encouraging exploration, experimentation and social behaviour.

Aspria Junior

6-8 years old

At this stage, Aspria Academy provides a wide variety of sports, games and educational activities that develop children’s cognitive and physical abilities.

We educate children about health and wellbeing, encouraging self-confidence and independence while using team activities to help develop positive interaction with peers.

The wide range of classes on offer have been designed to develop various skills: Football and Golf build sporting skills and team spirit; Intensive Tennis teaches techniques and tactics of the game; while classes such as Fencing and Hip Hop teach discipline, form and co-ordination.

Aspria Junior+

9-11 years old

Children of this age are developing their own likes and dislikes, so we can help them explore what interests them best. Our classes continue to combine achievement and teamwork with fun and focus, while preparing children for more advanced activities.

The range of classes we offer this age group include several stand-out favourites. Tennis, football and golf continue to be extremely popular, with Hatha Yoga providing an excellent way to develop strength, flexibility and body awareness.

Hip Hop and Zumba strengthen and tone in the most fun way possible.

At this age group, our Swimming classes concentrate on perfecting different strokes and building stamina in the water, with expert coaches supporting the development of your children’s abilities.

Aspria Teen

12-13 years old

Our teenage members have specific needs as they progress towards adulthood, and our expert coaches use the club’s facilities to best challenge and develop their skills to a higher level. This age group needs an increased focus on building self-esteem, confidence and a positive body image, which is particularly important and relevant.

Key classes that develop such skills include a range of sports and dance classes.

Beat It Box and Beat It Sparring Ball combine fitness with boxing and kickboxing in a unique combat fitness programme. Indoor Cycling, Teen Cardio TRX and Zumba are designed to build cardio in fun group sessions. Pilates Mat Work and Hatha Yoga work on flexibility and strength, while Raga FIT Free is a fun class that encourages children to use the gym.

Aspria Teen+

14-15 years old

Our teenage members continue to benefit from being challenged to develop their skills to a higher level, with coaches focusing on building their self-esteem, confidence and a positive body image.

We offer a range of sports and dance classes to develop a range of skills. Team sports, such as basketball and football, are ideal for developing strength and speed, as well as reducing shyness and improving self-esteem.

Our dance classes build valuable social skills through developing routines in group sessions, improving your child's ability to work with others, building self-confidence and developing co-ordination, strength and flexibility. At this stage, children can progress their martial arts training to enhance agility, technique and concentration, which helps in their important final years at school.

Aspria Evolution

16-17 years old

We consolidate everything we have taught our junior members to prepare them for their wellbeing journey into adult life. We introduce the club’s adult facilities, showing how to use fitness equipment in a safe and productive way, and integrating them into group classes such as aerobics, martial arts, functional training and cardio.

At this stage, the Academy programme continues to drive self-discipline, personal motivation and independence,

with coaches helping young adults develop a fitness training programme that reflects their own exercise preferences and sets realistic goals for future exercise.

Specific classes for this age range include Pit Stop training that tones, firms and strengthens the entire body; TRX to increase agility and core strength; and Tabata Circuit Training, effective for maintaining lean body mass.

Check out our superb range of children’s Academy classes:

Swimming Academy

Whether you have a child who is learning water confidence or is an elite swimmer, the Aspria Swimming Academy can support your needs.

All Aspria swimming lessons are delivered by qualified swimming instructors and cater for all abilities with a focus on swimming confidence, learning to swim, and stroke technique. We offer group and individual lessons all accredited to the award scheme ensuring children can develop through the Aspria Swimming Academy.

Children’s facilities

We help parents in many small ways which can make a big difference.

As we are parents too, we know that a little convenience goes a long way. So we have introduced larger car spaces for dealing with prams and changing rooms for families to make getting ready easier. We devised children’s menus for our restaurant, and created an outdoor playground and a crèche run by carefully chosen professionals.

Our crowning achievement is the award-winning Academy programme for 0-17 years, offering a wide variety of activities, camps and courses aimed at developing children’s skills, while synchronised classes are available for parents so they can care for their own wellbeing.


Young members will find a safe, stimulating space in our crèche.

We care for children between two months and eight years old in a supervised environment with activities and equipment to keep them engaged and develop key skills. It takes pressure off parents’ hands, as they have time to focus on their own health and fitness, knowing that the youngsters are well taken care of.

Holiday camps

Educational, physical and lots of fun, our children’s camps promote new skills, friendships and interests.

Educational, physical and lots of fun, our children’s camps promote new skills, friendships and interests.

Our team of qualified technical staff lead a wide range of camps over the summer for under-12, giving structure to the long holidays and the chance to learn new physical, coordination and social skills.

Usually scheduled from Monday to Friday, the camps offer intensive tuition in a specific sport such as tennis or football, or more general multi-activity camps that promote creativity, theatre art and interactive games. The camps make the most of the club’s leafy seven-hectare parkland and magnificent outdoor Olympic-size swimming pool in a safe, friendly and engaging environment that helps promote healthy development through developing focus, motivation and determination, as well as social skills through interaction.

Note that all our summer camps are available first to our members at a discounted price.

Read our Holiday Camps brochure or book an Aspria camp.

Birthday Parties

The in-house Aspria team creates magical birthday parties to remember.

With its large grounds and outdoor areas, Harbour Club Milan makes a memorable venue for children’s birthday parties.

We can create the perfect birthday theme to reflect your child’s personality and interests, with a range of engaging, fun activities and games, including mini disco, football, hip-hop and many more. We can even design a unique concept to create a completely tailor-made party for your child.

Our parties are supervised by qualified staff to make sure each occasion is stimulating, engaging and fun for all children, and we can can provide all the essentials, such as a personalised cake, balloons and presents.