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Our unique holistic approach to wellbeing aims to give each of our members the tools to live healthier, happier lives.

Being healthy gives you a glow. It makes you more energised and helps you deal with stress better. It keeps you looking younger and feeling more vital.

At Aspria, we look at health and wellbeing in a holistic way. It’s not just about working out or doing yoga once a week: it encompasses every aspect of your life from nutrition and fitness to sleep patterns, relaxation and outlook. It’s why we have in-house nutrition and physiotherapy specialists along with personal trainers and relaxation therapists.

It’s why we stay with you on every step of your journey, to show you how to get the most from Aspria Harbour Club Milan and achieve your personal optimum wellbeing.

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Good nutrition gives you the fuel you need to perform, but also has a host of other benefits to enhance you physically and mentally.

At Aspria, we focus on wellbeing from every angle. One of the most important areas we promote is nutrition, as not only the fuel for your workouts and classes, but also to enhance your mood, appearance and immune system. Blending the right level of proteins, carbohydrates and fluids into your diet is the key to long-term health, helping the body repair and recover from illness, and ultimately protecting you later in life against degenerative diseases.

The many shorter-term benefits of optimal nutrition include promoting a healthy glow, boosting your energy levels and mental performance, losing weight and an overall sense of wellbeing.

To mirror our belief in the power of good nutrition for living life well, the chefs in the Harbour Club restaurant have devised healthy and nutritious dishes using carefully sourced ingredients to ensure food of the highest quality.

Personal programmes

Your wellbeing journey at Aspria begins with a one-to-one consultation that determines an entirely bespoke programme.

As part of your membership induction when you first join Aspria Harbour Club Milan, a team of experts will meet with you for an initial consultation to assess your physical and mental states and your lifestyle choices. Assessing your current fitness levels, sleep habits, stress levels, nutrition and how much time you spend relaxing, they analyse your current condition and where you want to be, creating a bespoke, personalised programme just for you.

Together, you discuss your ultimate wellbeing goals – whether to lose weight, tone up or generally improve the state of your fitness – and we craft a personal programme that guides you to your optimal wellbeing. This includes details of how often you should use the club, which equipment you should focus on, a schedule of recommended classes and advice about nutrition.

A personalised programme is part of our commitment to helping you make the most of your Aspria membership and achieve your wellbeing goals.


Specialising in rehabilitation services to restore mobility, our team of physiotherapists prevent pain and aid recovery.

In comfortable, calm treatment rooms, our expert therapists offer a variety of specialised physiotherapy and osteopathy techniques to help recovery from an accident or injury, as well as managing pain and preventing further injury. Our menu of treatments is designed to maximise the range of movement in joints, muscles and bones, as well as helping maintain a strong and supple body.

If you need to discuss an ailment or injury, our team is always available to discuss how they can help you achieve your ultimate wellbeing.