Booking Policy

Spa Rules

In order to make you enjoy your moment of relaxation to the fullest, please arrive 10 minutes before the appointment times, as all treatments begin and end exactly at the scheduled time, in order to ensure punctuality for all guests of the SPA.

If you wish to cancel the reservation, please do so at least 24 hours in advance to avoid having to charge the full cost of the service.

We are waiting for you at the Reception where you will be asked for an identity document. Bathrobe and towels will be at your disposal.

We are at your disposal for any requests or clarifications either by phone 02 45 28 641 or by email

Rules For Camps And Activities

Necessary Information

  • Ahead of their children's activity at Aspria, parents will have to fill in a form including detailed information about any allergies or disabilities and indicating emergency contacts.
  • All children participating in any session must register on arrival and departure and will be regularly counted during the activity.

Mobile Phone

  • Children who bring a mobile phone or device to their activity at Aspria must switch it off and leave it inside their backpack.
  • Children are advised not to bring any valuables to their activities at Aspria. Aspria denies all responsibility for the loss or theft of valuables during and activity,.

Staff Responsibility

  • It is the staff's duty to ensure the children are not in danger during Aspria activities; in the event of an accident, the child's parents, or whoever is listed as emergency contact, will be immediately informed.
  • In the event of an emergency, the Staff must be aware of the evacuation procedures and meeting points and must ensure that all children are safely escorted to the indicated area.

What should children wear?

  • We can only provide this service to children who have an active Aspria membership. The costs are paid via the children's account.

Behaviour and respect

We believe that staff, parents, and children must all behave responsibly. Our aim is for every child to fully enjoy their time spent with us in Aspria.

  • When necessary, any behaviour that the Aspria Staff deems unacceptable will be dealt with verbally - politely but firmly.
  • Positive behaviours are encouraged and consolidated to ensure a positive learning environment.

With this in mind, the Aspria Staff will:

  • Encourage each child to do their best and teach them to master new skills.
  • Teach children to participate in individual sports and team games.
  • Teach each child to take care of the equipment.
  • Respect every child and listen to their points of view
  • Encourage self-discipline by explaining what is acceptable and what is not.
  • Inform parents about any behavioural problems.
  • Direct children who are stopping an activity towards another interest
  • Make sure the programme is attractive and stimulating.
  • Ensure parents are informed about their children and their progress made.
  • Encourage children to take of themselves and others.

The Staff is aware that tiredness, dehyradtion and boredom can affect children's behaviour. In view of this, the Aspria team offers a wide choice of activities, regularly proposes breaks for children to hydrate and alternates high-intensity activities with quieter moments during the day.

At Aspria we encourage children and staff to follow the Club's philosophy:

  • ENCOURAGE each other
  • RESPECT each other
  • Always be POLITE with others
  • LISTEN to others to feel good all together!

International Summer Camp 2022 Terms and Conditions

  • Member prices will be applied only to children regularly enrolled at Aspria Harbour Club
  • Refunds for waivers or cancellations are not possible except for serious documented health problems
  • The welcome kit is included in the price of the camp and is delivered in the first week of a child's enrolment
  • Without exception, children cannot be collected by anyone other than the individuals indicated in the proxy form
  • To complete the registration, we kindly ask that you send the following documents to
  • Valid medical certificate of good health
  • Photocopy of a parent's identity document
  • Photocopy of a parent's tax code

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