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Do you want to train harder, stay focused at work, sleep better or just feel more energised?

Our experts give you insider tips and insights to help achieve your wellbeing goals.

It’s never too late to start exercising

Increasing your activity in your 40s and 50s can be just as beneficial to your health – in terms of boosting life expectancy – as being a lifelong exerciser. But why, what activities should you do, and how often?

Are you fit (enough) for your age?

How does your fitness rank against that of others your age, and are you doing enough exercise to boost your odds of living a long and healthy life?

The secret to staying young

Regular exercise and healthy living can actually turn back the clock and reverse the ageing process. As we age, we all want to look and feel younger, which makes research findings very interesting indeed.

Back to school: tips for a smooth transition from holiday mode

The time is almost here for children to go back to school. Are you ready? Christine Cornet, Academy Manager at Aspria Brussels Royal La Rasante, shares six practical tips to ease the transition from holiday to school time.

How exercise improves school grades?

Did you know your children will do better at school – in terms of their behaviour in the classroom, their ability to focus, and even their academic achievements – if they’re physically active on a regular basis?

How a summer sauna can actually cool you down

Counter-intuitive as it may seem, having a sauna on a hot day helps you feel refreshed when you step out – even if you’re walking out into 30-degree heat! But there are some important guidelines for sauna use in the summer. We share our expert advice.

When fitness changes your life

Coming back from injury to run a 20k race, losing 30kg in a year, and making life-enhancing health improvements at the age of 78: our members tell stories of how Aspria has helped them turn their lives around.

Gym or sofa? How to make the healthy choice

Finding the motivation to go the gym can be hard when there are so many other things we’d much rather do! The good news is, there are things you can do to help you keep your motivation levels high. We share our tips.

Aspria as an energy source

‘Energy’ means different things to different people: for some it’s a mental energy; for others it’s physical. However you define it, though, the sad thing is that life can sometimes sap you of that positive buzz.
There’s good news though: whatever the cause of your loss of energy, Aspria can help, as our members explain.

How old is your body?

You know how old you are, right? Wrong. You might know how old you are chronologically – your age according to your birth certificate – but there’s a far more important age when it comes to your wellbeing and that’s your biological age, which is determined by the state of your body.

And the great news is that you can improve your biological age, actually winding back the clock by adopting a healthier lifestyle.

A trip to the gym can help combat depression – here’s how

Physical activity and exercise has been shown to both prevent and help treat a wide range of mental health issues, including depression, anxiety and stress – and the benefits are so notable that some believe doctors should prescribe exercise instead of medicine.